Naim SBL MKII - dedicated feet

Hello everyone,

I would like to change my feet on SBLs avoiding spikes or something like this.

In fact I would to bring ou low frequencies too controlled and "light" in my opinion.

The speakers are close to the rear wall and I have ultimated the setup with silicone, new gasket kit and so on...

Any advice for that?

Thanks in advance,


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+1 for spikes here, screwed in as much as possible with the speakers perfectly level and hard against the wall. Some like a tiny bit of toe in, others swear that they need to be parallel to the wall. If you use the wooden blocks as David suggests they are easily moved to find the best location.

my favourite 'speakers, enjoy!


Not me. I read all the SBL related posts written by JV. He was pretty adamant that Naim spikes should be used directly into the floor. For any SBL fans they are essential reading in my view. Nice to have those insights into both their design and set up details.

Nothing wrong with experimenting, I just happen to belive he knew a bit more about this than me...



I switched to legendary SBL two years ago. Caught a fresh pair by a dealer who forgot them. Installed at home I was quite disappointed. I tried everything again and again. Gasket, grill, position. My final solution? Substitute the standard spikes for RDC cones - you get a complete new speaker!!! It's unbelievable! Now I know SBLs real potential and I Love it. Wouldn't change a thing. It's fast, livelike, crisp with a good bass. Yes, bass. SBL can go deep! 



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