Naim SL2 grills

Amir y posted:

I am about t receive a set of new prototype sl2 grills from the states. I will report on the results soon. They were made according to naim own drawings/ measurements/ old grill. Have sent. So pritty sure they are going to be fine.



This sounds like good news! Looking forward to your assessment of how they perform. i couldn't figure out whether you said they were also from same material?




There's something I can't get my head around hear. Given the longevity of speaker drivers why would you design a speaker around a grill material that has a known finite life much shorter than the drivers and then stop supplying spares for them. Compounded by the fact that the best sound quality is calibrated with the grills in place.

I have a pair of Grado RS1headphones. The ear cushions suffered a similar fate ( disintegrating foam). Fortunately I obtained a replacement pair and they are still available.

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