NAIM tested NAS drives

I sorted the Buffalo NAS and Windows 7 purely by accident. I hadn't set a User login for Windows 7, so I tried it, and then used my Windows 7 login and password when asked for the Network password. Of course, I had to restart between setting up the Windows 7 user login and doing the NAS/Network password bit - again discovered that by accident!

All working well now. So, the message is "you MUST have a Windows 7 Username and password to get the Buffalo NAS to work" Blood annoying, and Buffalo didn't know this!
Originally posted by Bruce Woodhouse:

Did you get this sorted?

I'm just about to buy an NAS. Are you otherwise happy with the Buffalo? It was at the top of my list.

One query, does it power down when not being accessed? How quiet is it in use and on 'standby'


Sorry, just read the rest of your post. I am happy with the Buffalo. I have it set on "Auto", which means it powers down when the PC is off. Fairly quiet in use, but don't stand it on the bottom shelf of a cheapo computer desk, as any drive noise seems to be amplified when you do this. I've got mine standing on a mouse mat on top of the carpet next to my feet. Winker

One other detail : I found that if you download the latest CD software image from Buffalo, it won't work properly unless you decompress it and copy it to a CD before use. If you don't, it goes into a loop at the "looking for Network drive" stage.
I just bought a Buffalo Linkstation Live and it failed the test (on Max Read Response time =600 not <500m/s).

I was busy on the network at the time, and also using the PC for some other tasks. I did not get time to retest but can anyone tell me if this might be passed when the PC/network is 'quiet' and more importantly what it might mean if I go ahead and used the NAS anyway. Will it just not work, or is there a potential problem with data loss because of the fail?

I need to sort this in a day or so as I have an option to return the NAS to my local PC supplier!

For the record, here are the results of the Naim NAS test on the LaCie Network Space Max (2 TB). Test conducted with no other traffic on network. All tests passed successfully.

Network share that test was applied to: \\Networkspacemax\openshare\Music\MQ
Period that test ran for: 00:01:49:06
Time taken to write the test files to NAS drive: 00:00:49:01
Time taken to remove the test files from the NAS drive: 00:00:00:03


TotalRoomsPlayingAtOnce: 4
Audiotype: CdQuality
Period: Sixty_Minutes
SimulateBackgroundMusicRescan: True
RescanThrottle (ms): 0
SimulateRandomPlayback: True
TotalArtists: 4
TotalAlbumsPerArtist: 5


Name: Initial Connect Time
Measured: 93
Threshold: < 5000 ms
PassFail: Pass

Name: Average Write Throughput
Measured: 3,26
Threshold: > 2 Mbyte / sec
PassFail: Pass

Name: Average Read Response Time
Measured: 2,50
Threshold: < 25 ms
PassFail: Pass

Name: Max Read Response Time
Measured: 62,5
Threshold: < 500 ms
PassFail: Pass

Name: Total Audio Breakups
Measured: 0
Threshold: = 0
PassFail: Pass

Name: File Scanning Performance
Measured: 53,56
Threshold: > 10 per second
PassFail: Pass

Name: Overall Result
PassFail: Pass

I tested w/ the WD My Book Live. Bought this one at it is considered one of the NAS w/ lowest noise emission and lowest power consumption around (and I don't need full-fledged RAID or customization). I can confirm I hardly hear the device from 1m distance, even when it's in operation mode.

Test software run from an old Windows 7 IBM Thinkpad notebook (with couple of minor tasks performing in the background). Although the NAS supports 1Gbit, my network does not. NAS is wired to my router (and, fyi only, from there my FLACs - and web radio - are streamed to the Qute via WLAN).

Ok, so here are the results (total rooms playing at once set to 2, other kept at default,test time 5min):

It passed all tests and with significantly better values than the Lacie Network space mentioned above. Exception: The WD failed the "Max Read Response Time" (592) - why is that? What is measured with this one, please?

Anyway, in operation everything works and sounds superb. No wireless-caused issues.
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