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Hello everybody, 

I'm new to naim, and new to this forum too...

Recently bought a brand new uniti star to replace an old onkyo av amplifier tx-nr609.

Connected the star to my focal aria 906 (several told me that it's a good match).

Hoped to have a great sound improvement from the onkyo.

Listen to it for 2-3 hours for the moment.

I've felt that the sound stage has increased a lot. The trebbles are very clear-cut but similar with the onkyo, the medium are ample and warm, but the bass seems more stifled.

Overall, the soud quality is not so improved compared to my previous setup.

For the moment, i'm very disapointed for an equipment that prices 10x more...

Do you think there is any mistake on my new setup, some settings to do, or do i need to wait a few more hours ?

Thanks your your advices and expertise...


PS: I apologies for my english...

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Arno, although the sound quality will improve for sure, I would have hoped it would be giving you a very musical experience already. What speaker cable are you using, Naim Naca5 is the minimum for best results. It will also benefit from being placed on a decent Hifi stand? 

Hello Gazza,

yes, would have hoped too ! At the moment i use the same standard speaker cable i had on the onkyo. For sure i know that i have to upgrade. 

Hello Mangomonkey,

Of course, my analysis  was to explain the sound i've heard.  I Just want to find the music 

Hello Cat345, That was done twice...and more !



🔹 ARNO,....Contact your dealer,they should install your Naim Star for you.
With the correct speaker cables (Naim Naca5).

Even make an "intuning" of your speakers against your new Star and the room,..if they don't do this,..then it's a bad trader.
You don't seem to live in England,then even your trader should have informed you how to do, get your electrical phase right.

There are other things also to consider (switch, cabledressing,ehternet cables,substrates,etc.).
But contact your trader about these basic things I enumerated,this should your traders help you with.

/Peder 🙂



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