Nait xs 2 - again problem!

Today after coming back home I have tried to listen some music and unfortunately left channel stopped working:-(   Last year I have purchased this amp and was already broken (was a demo model) - problem with the left channel too! and now this?!

I'm curious what the local distributor will do with that... I'm so done with this s... - twice broken during a year!?           

I have had in plan to buy a new loudspeakers and now I'm thinking again about the service for this amplifier 

PS; yes.. I have tried to switch the speaker cable, other din cable and nothing!



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Kacper, sorry to hear of your woes.  How frustrating for you.

It is strange that it should be the same channel that had failed before - losing a channel is rare enough, but the same channel twice and within a year is practically unheard of unless there's some other cause.  It does point to some possible issue somewhere that may not have been fully recognised previously.

 I would suggest a call to the dealer, let them know what has happened, and take it from there.

Hi Kacper,

From my experience with electronics, I concur with Richards suggestion  that the fault may be the same as last time and just not recognised properly in the previous fix.  Taking this with the fact that it was a demo model (so obviously working in the shop), but failed as soon as you got it (after it was moved and re-installed in your system), a mechanical problem such as a dry joint on a wire or a problem with the volume pot or a relay are the obvious candidates - however this speculation is far from certainty.

The good news is that these types of problem are almost always an easy and complete fix when the problem is identified correctly,  The bad news is that identification is tricky as the problem can sometimes just 'go away' because of mechanical vibration during transport.

As an ex-demo XS 2 it certainly won't need servicing yet, so just getting the repair done (and hopefully done fully and successfully this time) should see you get many years of good service from it.  I'm sure if it's sent to Salisbury, then given the history of the unit (and your location), they'll be particularly diligent in ensuring a proper repair is done - everyone at Naim are proud of their product, take pride in their work and really do their best to ensure happy customers.

Hi Huge,

Thanks for your kind words. Well I didn't have any problems with any previous electronic as I have now with this amp . Yesterday morning while I was close to the amp could smell something (was probably burning smell). wasn't intensive so didn't worry me much and any way I have had reported that to Salisbury and that's the answer:

" All electronic equipment will have a characteristic smell, as long as its not a burning smell all should be OK"

I'm simply disappointed but in another hand I understand that those kind of situations might happen. 

It's also sad because last week I was busy with searching for a new speakers and now I can't even listen the music.

It's  exactly the same channel as last year. 


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