Nait XS and Hi Cap DR

I have seen a couple of Hi Caps at seemingly good prices and wondered how practical it was and if there would be any benefit in using the Nait XS with one. 

How would this combination compare to the Supernait DR  only?


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Lovely combination. Needs a CDX2.

I didn't bother with a comparison with SN believing I already had Naim's most super Nait. (The SNDR was not even a glint in its designer's eye in those days). My Naim ambitions at the time were 202/ 200. I can vouch for the completeness of 202, Napsc, HC-DR and 200. In terms of muscularity and finesse the XS and HC-DR were not really close.

I agree with CDBoy.  Nait XS and CD5XS were my first steps on the Naim ladder and, to my ears, the HiCap unbalanced that excellent combination, whereas a FlatCap gave a subtle lift to the performance while keeping the strengths of the bare boxes.  I later bought a SN1 and, in that case, the HiCap totally transformed the sound (to above 202/200 level according to my strange tastes) especially after a DR upgrade.  I found this combo a big step up from the XS boxes.  I've not compared SN1 and SN2, but most who have prefer the latter, so that ought to sound even better.

If you are intending to stay at XS level, I would only purchase a HiCap if you could get it for a price that would enable you to move it on with little loss if you didn't care for the result.  If you're intending to move up the ladder, a HiCap DR could make more sense, but then you'd need to think about swapping the CD player for a CDX2 or using the digital out of the CD5XS to feed a nDAC.






I use a 3rd party PSU with the XS and Ovator S400's, I found that the psu stabilised the slight fragility of the sound when bare.  I believe without the psu I wouldn't be content with XS/S400 combination.  I use a non-Naim source so the Flat-cap wasn't that attractive.  

I think the non DR Hi-cap, or Flatcap would have better synergy with your XS than the DR version. I believe, after hearing the DR and non DR versions, there is a certain synergy with DR power supplies and amps, the same goes for non DR supplies and amps.

In other words, if you have a SN2 which has the DR technology, the Hi-Cap DR has a better synergy with it than the non DR Hi-Cap, at least that's what my ears tell me.

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