Preloved NAP 300?

Hi forum,

I am thinking of buying a preloved Nap 300/300PS from 2010 for 1.300 €. I have 3 questions:

1. is this price ok?

2. how much do I have to spend for recapping an DRing?

3. ist the "variable speed, virtually noiseless cooling fan" realy noiseless?





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Regarding the fan, it only comes on if the amplifier is pushed really hard, and at that volume you probably wouldn’t hear it even if it was as loud as a lawnmower. I wouldn’t worry about it. However, I’d be very cautious about adding a 300 to a Supernait 1. You’d really want at least a 282 and Hicap. 

🔹 Wolfgang,....One thing others here might forget,sometimes people need to sell quickly to get money into something urgent.
Or it can be after someone who has died,where relatives sell..Yes there are many reasons for a sale.

Then it will be cheap,..myself have bought a lot of electronics for incredibly small money.
Ask to get the serial number,then it is easy to check if it is okey.

If the seller don't give you the serial number,..then you should be careful.
Maybe even contact the Police.

But take the chance to make a good deal if what I write above is okey,..Then I might even invite him 12 instead of 13 😉.

Ps: Or her,..sorry Huge.!

/Peder 🙂

Good to be careful.  I bought my 250.2 s/h from a guy in Germany, was suspicious but did some research and he checked out ok.  He was a dealer for several other well respected brands and had taken some Naim as part exchange.  However, there were a few 300s on offer then, from various places in Italy at that time.  Variations on a common theme, all remote (difficult to visit for a visual ident) and all at very silly money.  Nowadays, with the power of google, people know the value of Naim.  Once scammers start offering at normal prices then it will be more of a worry!

On a simlar note. I have a 250DR. Is it worth prusuing a non-DR 300? I have seen some reasonable prices for them. 

I am running a pair of Dynaudio Confidence C2 Platinum. My 250DR works well in my smallish 11' x 17' room, but someday I might move things to a larger 13' x 22' room and think a 300 might be a smarter choice.

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