NAP V175 feeding Marantz (to the rescue)

Dear Naimees,

my old and beloved Marantz SR 8002 died (again). After a power supply failure and a repair lat year, now the power amplifier section died (Actually on a home and alone session of MAD MAX Fury Road). How can I now this? Because the front via Superuniti is well and alive. Therefore, it is stereo only in movies for now. I already miss the voice presentation from the N-Cent, which is a clear indication that I 'am not ready to give up on AV. However, I like the HD-Sound Standards in movies very much. So, AV2 is no option. I was thinking of keeping the old Marantz and plug it to the NAP 175, which is still rather expansive and hard to find (around 700 EUR). Those pieces are all around 12 years old. Does it make sense to spend that money on a decade old power amp? Is it possible to refurbish/recap, or somehow refresh the amp?

I 'am grateful for advice...


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The SR 8002 is from 2007/08 and is very solidly build. I like the sound, however, I have never been able to compare it to other brands. The receiver is able to decode Dolby TrueHd, etc, which I found a revelation back in the day coming from DVD and compressed formats. I will never plunge into 3Dsound. Thats the reason I like to keep the Marantz. 

The used NAP 175 I found are all around 10 years old, still expansive, and if you consider recapping, even more so (and the required cable).

I 'am really tempted to go for the sound improvement. With the NAP in place you can go in all directions, for example into the Emotiva, as they call it appropriately: MC-700
7.1 CHANNEL / 4K HDR / SURROUND SOUND PROCESSOR. No fancy video processing, mainly sound processing.

What I really hate with recent av-technology is the redundant features your have to purchase...


...a subsequent question: one of colleagues told me that naim power amplifier have problems with speaker cable running together in close vicinity like in a cable channel. My rear channel cables are running together in one of those channels for about 10 to 15m. Would that be a problem for a NAP 175 with 2 rear speakers with 4 ohm impedance?

My NAP-V175 has performed flawlessly with KEF-Q10 and Totem Model One Signatures; I have not checked their ohm ratings.  4 ohms is not uncommon; I would not worry.

No Hi-Fi systems are guaranteed to perform optimally with indifferent wiring.  It is a good idea to adhere to Naim’s recommendations, whether you buy their products or not, IMHO.


It is official now; the Marantz has died, definitely. I ‘am going down the rout of a basic AV-processor, like the IOTAVX AV1, in combination with a NAP 175 I will hunt from now on. Therefore, I need some assurance concerning the cable dressing in a channel (see above) for about 10 m in tight proximity. 

Will this be a Problem, like…

  1. It is not a perfect situation;
  2. I will experience distortions;
  3. IN the long run the NAP 175 electronics will deteriorate;
  4. The NAP will explode immediately?

I ‘am looking forward for your advice. Splitting up the cables will be quite a hassle in our living room because of two more doors to circumvent.

Many thanks for your advice…

P.s.: In some quite and careless moments I ‘am contemplating a NAP 145 for the N-Cent (and any some basic stereo NAP).

When I ran the NAP-V175 off my Denon AV pre, I put that NAP on a shelf below the Denon, and ran long runs of installer-grade standard speaker wire rated for in-wall use, which NAV-A5 is not, to Center and Rear speakers.  I also ran long Line-Out RG-6 wires through the walls from the Denon to the opposite side of the room where my main Naim system resided, driving FL and FR main channels through NAC-A5.  

Very satisfactory performance, considering the compromises.


I bought a NAP175 a couple of years ago, and now use it with a NAP150X and an AV2, all work superbly together. All of them will be 'getting on a bit', but I bought them because I managed to get them at a reasonable price, and I would rather trust electronics which are of very good quality, even if they might need recapping or a back massage at some point. As long as nothing else goes wrong, I'm sorted with my AV. All 3 units highly recommended.

Thank you Nick for your impressions. Did you run your cables (left back and right back) tightly together or seperate?

Yesterday I received my av processor IOTAXV AV1 ( First impressions are promissing, however only stereo through SuperUniti. The IOTA (successor of Nakamichi) is a no-nonsense processor without video processing and streaming, which both would be redundant. Therefore perfect for me.

Now I have to find a NAP 175.

I use different cable lenght like for the center one meter of Nac-a5 and for the sourround back ca. 15m of standard 2.5mm cable.

I try to find out, if this is a problem.

dukeofhazard posted:

Thank you Nick for your impressions. Did you run your cables (left back and right back) tightly together or seperate?


I ran two equal lengths of wire to the left and right rears, being careful not to run parallel to AC wires for any distance.  The speaker wires were installed when stud bays were open, so no need to pull them together; though I don’t think that would hurt anything.  After all, you can buy structured wire that wraps two pairs of speaker wire in one casing for long runs to remote zone wall volume controls.