NAP180 or NAP200

I have a NAP140 and was wondering whether to upgrade to a pre-loved 180 or 200.  Pre is a 102/HICAP/NAPSC and sources are LP12/Ittok/Cirkus/Lingo 1/DV10x5 & nDAC/XPS. Speakers are Credos.  Servicing is up to date and the nDAC is on the latest firmware.

The 180 would I suspect be 140 with a boost button pushed. Is the 200 more refined presentation.  Female vocal quality is paramount




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Loki posted:

Source end of the chain first. But if I had to choose I'd say 180 and save the cash.

Agreed totally, source first, then the 180. The 180 is a very fine amp and suits your system well. Also, 'olive' is rather cuter than 'black'  - but then again, I would say that......... 

I'm not sure if I've won the race or Loki has upgraded his 250.2...

But I've now got an 82, very late serial number so POTS 8, complete with NAPSC, 522 boards and a remote that looks unused 

It hasn't been serviced (or not by the factory at least cos I rang 'em this afternoon to ask).  It'll probably go to Class A fairly shortly - see if Darran can do a same day service on it - brekkie at Wetherspoons just down the road (Yes, I've done this before!) 

Much more sophisticated sound compared to the 102, deeper bass. And very important to me female vocal is beautifully presented with no excess forwardness.   And so difficult to turn off - just one more track...I wonder what such and such will sound like et al.

June Tabor's "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda" was divine; me and the missus just sat and listened.


Dare I say, perhaps down the line the 82 is also highly upgradeable (more baked beans! - been there) via the use of a Supercap - IMHO one of the best Olive upgrades I ever made. 250 first though.....unless a bargain Supercap presents (as it did for me).

IIRC, there are a few on the Forum who prefer 82/Supercap to the 52. 

Thanks.  It's been a bit of a whirlwind as I've just had the 82/NAPSC serviced by Darran at Class A in (Moorgate Acoustics).  And while I was there they had a Mu-so Qb ex-dem so I bought that too   

All is now back together and running in/warming up with Radio 2!

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