ND5 XS Nac 202 - System Automation - control of NAC 202 volume by IR

Evening All,


I'm really enjoying my ND5 XS.


I have an issue with system automation in that I can't control the NAC 202 volume by IR using the ND5 XS remote.


Steps so far: connected 3.5mm jack from ND5 XS remote out to phono remote in on NAC 202; reset system automation factory settings for good measure; in system automation enabled Preamp-CD; set streamer audio to Preamp-CD.


I can successfully control the NAC 202 volume using n-stream/iPhone.


But I can't control the NAC 202 volume using the ND5 XS remote - anyone got any idea why not?


All help, as ever, gratefully received...

Original Post
My nd5xs remote operates my 202 volume.if I remember correctly you have to turn off the nd5 wait a little.when you see the nd5xs logo on the display you need to press some buttons on the nd5 remote.this should sort it.sorry I can't remember wich buttons.at the time I did a forum search and found a topics related to this issue.
I am a work at the moment but if any one else has not chipped in by the time I get home i will try and help further.

Hi Nick,
I am not sure of the exact buttons to be pressed but you are on the right track.do a google search for either "naim remote ir codes" or "nd5xs/202 automation.
Alough the later is mainly about getting the n-stream app to control volume the information is there.you may just need to scout about a bit.
One things for sure it can be done,

Good luck,scott