nd555 announcement : music matters show/ 8 march

Is an NDS with twin 555DRs, not an ND555?

That what Naim have been using to demo the Statement amplifier at all the UK shows last year.
Wouldn't this be the same for this event in Seattle?
Also if there was a new high-end Streamer to be announced and unveiled wouldn't Naim do this at the Bristol HiFi Show at the end of February, in their home market? 

It will be interesting to see if it has DSP capabilities, this seems an area Naim are falling behind Linn and Devialet. 

Roon compatibility does give a road in but it’s far from simple. 

A dealer setup including room measurements and a DSP curve would seem a perfect fit for the Naim dealer system. 


I admire how the CD555 digs deeper than I ever thought possible, its technical abilities, but I always preferred the musical presentation of the CDS3. The NDS is a way in front of the CDS3 to my ears, although I regard it as its spiritual successor. It reminds me a lot of how the CDS3 served things up. So the ND555 is going to be interesting. 

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