Network issues for my NAC N 272 that’s been working beautifully for months


I am hoping some kind expert can help me resolve, or at least diagnose, this problem. I have a wired network in my flat. From the wall Ethernet socket I have a cable to a switch which then connects to a Netgear switch which in turn connects to my 272, TV and blu-ray player. 

All of a sudden tonight neither the TV or Blu Ray player will connect to Netflix, nor can the 272 find its media server, although I can still access Tidal and the radio on my 272.

I haven’t a clue what that means, or how to try to fix or even who to call. The network has been working perfectly for months until tonight and I can’t understand how the 272 can access Tidal and internet radio but the TV and Blu Ray cannot connect to the internet. I hope someone can point me in the right direction?



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Thanks Eloise

I connected the 272 to the wall socket and it worked, obviously only with radio and Tidal.  The TV connected successfully to the internet too when connected directly to the wall socket. Does this mean the switch has broken? It’s quite new. 

Anyway you have helped me make more progress in a few minutes than I made in three hours. 


I'm glad you got it sorted with the help of some of the forum stalwarts!

For future reference, two other things to try in situations like this are:

When you turn everything off, turn off the router too. Turn it back on first and wait for it to complete its start up before turning the ethernet switch and audio bits back on. Even if some things work, the router might not be responding properly to requests for a connection to the internet and a restart normally sorts that. 

And the other thing to try is unplugging and plugging in again each end of the various ethernet cables. I have very occasionally found that one of them is not quite fully locked in place for some reason and unplugging them and replugging does help ensure the connections are sound. You don't need to turn everything off when you do this.



Thanks David. 

Usually just quickly flicking off the streamer, server, router, or whatever the offending item seems to be, works. But this failure is really a lesson that taking an organised and systematic approach works best. 

I wasted three hours, and had probably done all the things the guys above suggested,  it not in the right way. Crucially, it seems, a little bit of order and a little bit of patience, i.e. waiting for one process to complete before starting the next, as you and HH suggest, works winders. 

Hopefully other sufferers can see this thread in future and resolve their problem too. 

Thanks again

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