A friend has just purchased an LG 4K TV, he has the audio going into his ND5 and supernait via optical, he's experiencing a lot of clicking(like static) sounds through his system, this sound is not present through the TV speakers or when streaming music. Has anyone experienced this problem. 

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My suggestion would be to take a look at the setting of the TV. The digital out would need to be set to stereo, if it's possible. The ND5 can't process a multi-channel digital stream. I would then look at the cable. These cables can't be tightly wound, and as they are usually so thin, they can be easily damaged.


I had a Samsung TV once, with exactly the same issue.

Went to the TV menu for audio output and there were 3 options (PCM, Dolby and something else)

I can’t remember which one I needed to select, but selecting the incorrect option gave the issue you described.

LG must have similar settings.

Hope this helps πŸ˜„


Or you can look at the TV's audio menu. If you can, turn the TV speakers off completely at the menu. Or it can be any issue regarding with the connection also. Still if it does not work, I think you need to consult some professional or you may also take some advice from you electricians about this issue. Like, a few months before my brother had contacted D&D Electric Enterprises where their expert electricians in Downingtown PA where they had came to his home listen to all our concerns and they had figured out all the issue and it was the connection problem which was not installed properly.

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