New owner of a Unity Core

Hi @all!

I received my new Unity Core this Saturday and gave away my HDX (2 TB) in payment.
I had my HDX connected to the NAIM DAC. The dealer told me that I will be blown away by how awesome the Core will sound through the NAIM DAC.

And yes. The Core sounds absolutely fabulous...right out of the box. Incredible presentation of the is as if I can "look" into the music. Stunning.

I fitted the Core with a Seagate Iron Wolf 8 TB harddisk and started to migrate my music onto it. Everything perfect so far, several hundred GBs in... :-D

Since the Core is right in our living room, it is not very comfortable to hear the constant "work" of the Seagate within the Core.

I then found out this advice within the nice NAIM support "tool" for the Core:

"Deep Sleep — To put the Uniti Core in to Deep Sleep Mode, press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds."

This is for us the perfect solution, since our prefered audio replay is vinyl and we stream music maybe once a day...or even not everyday...

So, my question would be if it is "harmful" for either the Core or the harddisk to wake them up maybe once a day (or even every other day) and put them into Deep Sleep mode again for some time (maybe 1-2-3 days). Will this Deep Sleep mode cause any damage if performed like I mentioned above?

Since NAIM gives the Deep Sleep option, I think it should be ok to use the Core like we would prefer.

Any ideas?

Congratulations, NAIM, again. The Core really sounds wonderful (through the NAIM DAC).

All the best


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Dear David!

Thank you for taking your time to answer.

A friend of mine does server and NAS installations and he recommended the Seagate Iron Wolf series. He told me that these harddisks should be able to endure such a process (deep sleep/ wake up).

Being unable to perform the wake up with the app is no bother.


Hi Ralf!

Honestly, I don´t know. But in my humble ears, the Core as a streamer sounds absolutely stellar...more "coherent"...more "real"...

The HDX/nDAC combo was very good...but what can I say...I prefer the presentation of the Core/nDAC more.

Very subjective, as always. The HDX was in my ears sometimes a bit "harsh"/ "edgy"/ "fatiguing"...but with new combo, I heard some things in some songs I never noticed before...more details, more "warm"/ "analogue".

And: I didn´t NEED to give my HDX I am not talking it "nice"...

Yesterday I listened to an excellent vinyl rip of "Black Sabbath - Vol 4 [UK Swirl]" and I was really astonished by the fantastic music I heard coming from my system.

I just didn´t know about the Deep Sleep mode. Without it, the harddisk annoyed me quite a bit in our living room.
But with Deep Sleep, all is great.

I honestly never understood WHY the HDX is so expensive...I bought mine used and in exchange for a ND5XS.


Thank you.

I have a Core and am using a SSD, 2 TB.  Other than the sound it makes during ripping, the Core is silent.  I have it connected to a Dave DAC with a Siltech Golden Eagle digital cable, then into my 272 with an SL RCA to DIN cable.  It sounds great.  My only regret is not buying a larger SSD.

I am also a Core owner,and very happy with it.Myself,I went with a Samsung EVO SSD 850 EVO 1 Terabyte drive.This holds my CD rips only,and I have a 3 Terabyte WD exrenal hard drive plugged into the rear USB port,this holds all my downloads...nice and quiet combo.

No quarter posted:

"I have a 3 Terabyte WD exrenal hard drive plugged into the rear USB port,this holds all my downloads...nice and quiet combo."

Cool solution...

So you configured the external drive as a musicstore? 

Does the Core have to index that external harddisk everytime you power it on? Or is it "ready-to-read-from" when you power it on?
I guess that the external USB drive is not powered on all the time...right?

Thank you.

You should always configure a second disc as a music share not a store. There should be one music store and that is where the Core stores its own rips. Normally that would be the internal disc.

I don't think the Core does index a music share. But anyway from my own experience it all shows up fast in the app and you don't have to have it do it all over again when you wake the Core from deep sleep, or from fully off and unplugged even, come to that.



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