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andykram posted:

Well, I have now done the LP12 review with interesting results. The dealer brought the RP10 too with Fono MC stage which we listened to first as a sort of base line. As previously, I loved this turntable. Just a fantastic sound. 

Then to the LP12. A much warmer sound. Clearly not as detailed but I still liked it. I was sort of hoping it would be rubbish in comparison as that would have made my decision easier but now I have a dilemma. The LP12 with Trampoline and Hercules and a Rega Fono MM stage would be the same price as the RP10 with MC stage. 

My gut instinct is still the Rega. It is all the turntable I would ever need without the need for constant upgrades. However, I am going to ask the dealer if they have a second hand LP12 which he could service and add a better arm and cartridge to than the standard one on the  Majyk similar money. 

Will report back agin when he's done this. 

Consider listening to the RP10 with the Aria in lieu of the Fono.  I think you'll note a significant improvement. The Aria really is intended to be mated to the RP10.

With a dealer nearby, an LP-12 is too tempting to ignore!   When I bought the Rega Planar 3, I listened to a Linn but did not want to spend the money and I knew I would be moving soon and thought the Linn would be too much trouble.   That was the right decision.  I have always regretted that I have never had an LP-12.   But I have never lived close enough to a dealer to consider it.

james n posted:
A Vibration Measuring Machine is on my Christmas list (the book not a turntable !)

You'll enjoy the book James. I've just finished reading it myself. It certainly has made me interested in having a high end turntable in my home system again, but I'll let the romantic notion quieten down for a while and then look at it.

My advice would be to get a 90's LP12 with Ittok, the overall slightly warm sound will suit most naim gear rather nicely. It wont be the very best, but it will be very communicative - it will give CD a run for its money - and be reasonably priced. The official Linn upgrades are eye watering - these do improve the deck but shift the relaxed balance over to a slightly more clinical precision with allot of detail,space and air. I think you would be staggered at just how good the old LP12 can sound, if setup well and sat on the right support.

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