Just joined the forum having built up my first set of Naim stuff over the last month. My interest in hi-fil goes back to the late 70s with a system built around a Heybrook TT2 turntable, But in the 80s and 90s I succumbed to the devil that is CDs and layers of dust hid the Heybrook. But all this changed in late 2015 when I fulfilled my adolescent's dream of owning a LP12. OK, it was a 1980 vintage model with no lid no base, basic PSU and welded sub chassis. But it come with a very nice Mission 774 arm that I got re-wired by Audio Origami that I sold to fund an Ittok LV II. Since then the LP12 has become trigger's broom and now sports a black ash plinth,  cirkus bearing and Kore sub chassis. Up until a few months ago my Q Acoustic 3050s were powered first by a Marantz 6006 and then a Cambridge CX A60 but having read so much about the Linn/Naim synergy I decided to buy a Naim 5i (italic) 2 amp followed quickly by the matching CD player. And just last week, to satisfy my minor interest in streaming and things digital, I procured a Unitiqute 1 that had been upgraded to Unitiqute 2 standard, less bluetooth. I guess I will now be on the same upgrade path with Naim that I enjoyed with the Linn!

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Japtimscarlet posted:

Welcome aboard!

Take it from me the biggest upgrade I got from my LP12 was the tangerine top plate

Strange I know..but it really made a step forward for me ahead of dc motor / one piece sub chassis etc

Just something to start you thinking!!

I got rid of my "bendy" 1980 Linn top plate last year and replaced it with a more solid and flat Vinyl Passion Orpheus top plate in black. 

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