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What should be next on the list?

a) 10 year old Supercap 2  service and DR-upgrade

b) 12 year old Nac 282 service

c) upgrade my Naim-Dac with a Xps-Dr

( System is Nac-282 / Nap 250 Dr / Supercap 2 /  Naim Dac / Auralic Aries Femto / Dali Epicon 6)

Thx for advice

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I'd definitely service and DR the Supercap first.  As you know, a service is due anyway and a DR upgrade is worthwhile on the 282.  I found that one DR component complements another and since you've got a 250DR     you'll get an additional benefit. 

Re putting a PSU on the nDAC, you might consider getting a used XP5XS. I had one on my nDAC for quite some time and compared to to XPS2. I felt the XP5 gave about 85% of the XPS2's performance for half the price.  So you might be able to get a nice performance improvement for much less money than you thought.

DR upgrades involve sending your kit away to be worked on, so you will be without music for a while. So maybe wait until you can afford to service both boxes at the same time.

As for the DAC, choice of power supply is subjective, as is the choice of DAC itself, so you will only find out what you like by listening to different options for yourself.

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