Nice Photos.



A locust in focus. This locust flew into my wife's face on the golf course and freaked her right out. I looked on it as an opportunity for a photo when I saw it fly into a nearby tree! My wife was not amused! 

I'm amazed it came out so well as it was windy and had to manual focus because of the pine needles in front of it. I also had to take my next golf shot which wasn't as good as the photo shot!

Hi Sniper,

Thanks. I was using my Nikon D7000 'holiday' camera with a Nikon 28-300mm zoom lens. As this camera has a CMOS sensor this equates to approximately a 42-450mm lens on this camera. The lens is designed for full frame like my D700. The top photo is mildly cropped and the lower photo is the same shot, just cropped more to show the detail.


What camera do you use?





Hi Steve,


Previously and until last month an entry level Sony a200, Now a 2 day old Nikon D5100 which is still a mystery to me. The Nikon came with a 18-55 kit lens and a 200mm lens. I've never used anything other than the Sony kit lens so it is fun seeing what the 200mm can do. 

Thanks Steve.


Yes it's been so wet outside for so long, the shutterbug within has had to be content with indoor photography in the main.


My daughter and I were playing about with some old flashgun coloured diffusers and just holding them up in front of the lens. We got some interesting effects. The orchid pic was saturated to the max!


I think on balance I would rather be in Spain though..!

Actually Jamie there was nearly as much rain in Spain as over here. Last Saturday about 4 inches of rain fell flooding the golf course and the bunkers were turned into ponds. It was the worst weather we've had on holiday there. I didn't take half as many photos as I usually do. Never mind, it was still a break and to see those storks flying was amazing.


I found this fabulous photo of The East Bay Dragons of Oakland California on the internet.



From the days when a black man riding a Harley chopper was pushing the boundaries of social 'acceptability'.


Go for it guys. Love it.


It'll open larger in a new tab/window.



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