Nice Photos.

rodwsmith posted:
Mr Fjeld posted:
Just out of curiosity - why is this trouble?

“Lots of trouble, usually serious” is a well worn (and unfair!) acronym for a certain British sports car manufacturer.

This is a photo of the (dead) plant from which they took their name.

Ah, I didn't know that. Thanks.

Can someone please help. I'm trying everything to add photos to this topic, but nothing works. I've tried with Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer and Safari. I've read all the topics on this but no luck I use Flickr so I'm adding pictures from there. All help much appreciated.

JamieWednesday posted:

Go to Flickr sharing button by your image, use ‘embed’ option and copy the line of text.

Then in naim reply box, click on <> icon and paste text into the window that pops up.

Close the window and all should be well...

Thank you so much. It works!

Mr Fjeld posted:

Sometimes an ordinary and industrial artifact is just....beautiful! I must have looked a little weird standing in the underground parking house taking a photo of this .....


EmptyName 11

 Fjeld, these were taken in a completely abandoned and contaminated plant so there was no one around to be embarrassed by, not counting the yellow spider..

Face to face

Never seen a yellow spider before Haim  

I'm impressed by the colour of the handle and the spider.  It's interesting and it's almost like archeology - or perhaps finding a present tense where people just leave their work place, turn off the light and it remains the same for a very long time. Apart from the radioactive looking spider that is

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