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I am interested in an NOVA a and actually liked it quite well. Last week I listend to a NAC 272 + NAP 250 combination vs. the NOVA and the difference was big for me. So I thought to extend my budget again and go for that combination. But another dealer told me that I better should go for a Networkplayer in combination with an amplifier and preamplifier. I checked out the ND5XS / NAC 202 / NAP 200 DR - which is in total quite over my budget with the NOVA but entry level in the category. Is it a big step up to go for a separated solution or is the difference in this setting to the NOVA not thaaat different?

Sorry my question but my journey started a couple of weeks again and I am a big newbee.

thx for your help and experience!

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The search function is your friend on this forum, a lot has been written on the various combinations above and as a newbie to Naim not that long ago I did a lot of reading as well as asking for advice on the forum.

One other suggestion have you thought about going with a network streamer and a integrated amp.  I started with a ND5XS & NAIT XS 2 and currently have a NDX & SUPERNAIT 2. I wanted to keep a low box count and keep to a budget. When going with a multiple box system you have to consider the expense of additional rack shelves, inter-connect cables, power supplies, etc. 

There is also used network streamers available on the used market with the release of the new streamers, so there may be some deals out there. .......actually there is always used gear out there so options are plentiful no matter which direction you head in.

Good luck with your decision.

seakayaker posted:

The search function is your friend on this forum, a lot has been written on the various combinations above and as a newbie to Naim not that long ago I did a lot of reading as well as asking for advice on the forum.


I found some answers on NOVA vs. 272/250 but my question was NOVA vs. ND5XS / NAC 202 / NAP 200 DR. I didnt find anything for that combination, but probably someone posted that already in a sub answer or under a different headline maybe?

Probably a lot depends on what stage of burn in they’re both at when demoed, I know my Nova has significantly improved since new, now has about 450 hours up and it’s so much better particularly in the bottom end. Have never heard a 272/250.

I'd seriously consider an NDX 2 via a Supernait 2.  The NDX 2 is very impressive standalone I found compared to  my Nova, both playing to external pre/power combos.  If I did not already have a usable pre/power option i think the Supernait 2 could be a great combination with the NDX 2 and if possible I'd demo it.

I was in the market for a Nova, I really wanted to like it but it was to fatiguing with my PMC speakers. Went for the 272/250DR. However what suits my wife and I won't necessarily suit you. Try demo with your family for second opinion. Sometimes those family members come up with very interesting unbiased comments. Rich 

Hi Rich1.. your post caught my eye.. I also find PMC speakers, especially their twenty5 series fatiguing with higher end amps. I was surprised, in my subjective assessment, how coarse  they were on the end of a Statement system... and even on my humble 552 / 250 system it was irritating ... I think it was about lack of resolution of the higher end.. very obvious with chamber and choral music, but less so albeit ultimately fatiguing with rock... on lesser amps though it seems less apparent... now clearly there are many that enjoy these speakers with higher end amp.. we perhaps all focus on different things when we listen and appreciate... but I wouldn’t write the Nova off because of it..

Simon, I completely agree with you, until you've listened nothing within reason can be written off. I've ended up with PMC 20 24s and listen to all types of music, rock, pop, jazz and trad jazz, classical, opera etc. We go to regular concerts, miked and un-miked probably once a month. I like to be reminded of a live performance, I know audio memory can be fickle but my present system gives me an acceptable compromise between reality, cost and domestic harmony! But as always, we all hear music differently, one man's food is another's poison. Rich 

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