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considering getting the reissue for the new material - already have first pressing. Not sure why they felt a need to remaster other than possibly justify reissuing and sweeten the pot so to speak with the previously unreleased material. Has anyone any insight on the remaster quality? Hopefully they haven't turned the dynamics to complete shite to appease the iPod generation. 

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Just streamed via Tidal, and really liked what I heard. Will be buying the vinyl. 

I think this reissue is worth getting just for the b-sides and the three never before released tracks, but I am a Radiohead fan, and OK Computer is one my favorite albums!

This reminds me of something. I think it was 2001 and I was with my friends on holiday to the south of France - camping. I came to learn that it can rain, rain, rain, rain, rain in August in France. So during daytime we were sitting in the car while it was ... raining ... listening to one of the 3 cd's we had with us. The first one was Coldplay - which I strongly opposed to. The second one was Kunst Der Fuge (J. S. Bach) by a violin quartet - which my friends unanimously opposed to. Third cd was OK Computer by Radiohead. We were soaked, angry, had no money and listening OK Computer in a car for a full week. Depressive. It was almost the full festival experience besides the fact that we did not have stinky toilets but trees.

I have intentionally lost that cd later on.

still waiting for my Vinyl from the not so organised Sound of vinyl - Son purchased for me for Fathers day - still awaiting delivey, I would avoid these guys sorry RANT over

from what I have read very good re master from master tapes either on High Res or 180 grm

Unfortunately I've been reading lots of delays on the vinyl sets. 

As for the remaster it's an improvement on the originial but very subtle, most notable in the quieter passages, but not a night and day experience, on the 24/96 anyway. 

The orginal wasnt an audiophile dream, typical 90's compressed recording and the remaster is also compressed but has more space and detail with no loss of dynamics, an improvement   

As discussed it's the extras that make the difference and boy they are good, but you can see why they didn't make the final cut, the tone just doesn't fit with the album but demonstrates a band in full flow. 

You are correct. 

The Spectrum app resides – natch – on the C90 cassette, as that medium was the dominant way of storing Speccy programs and data. Accounts of the cassette's track list suggest it opens with a track named “Zx sprectrum symphony” but that the application is listed as “Ok Computer Program” and is the last track on side B.

somebody loaded this into a z. Spectrum emulator and this happened...


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