Ok so I tried a 252 and I'm not sure what to make of it.

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when i read threads like this, i am always aware of how difficult it is to separate personal preferences from some other issue -- for example, a more revealing pre-amp highlighting a weakness elsewhere in the system. i had an issue with 252 not sounding any good when i owned it. after a lot of to- and fro-, it turned out to be a mains problem. but i guess its 'safer'/easier to just fall back on personal preferences as the whole thing is so subjective anyhow...

General point accepted. But IIRC c.2007 when Naim had their Suggested Systems I- VI on this site, a system containing a NAC252 was never fronted with anything less than a CDS3. Not that this will be a problem for the OP with his NDS, 555psu.


I think both of you gentleman, are point on.

When I entered the world of Naim, I to was confronted, 282 or 252!

Of course, the Forum was beneficial, then I googled up 2007 CES debuts CD555, you tube.

To my surprise, they choose an 282, to debut their new CD555. 

However, as you gentleman have pointed out, a more revealing pre-amp could have presented problems down the chain!


But at the end of the day, it was there call!

Yeah, the 552 would have been the natural partner for the CD555, but even after hours spent on the set up, what the heck!

Naim's top source on the front of an Active System, with Naim's iconic, DBLs on the rear!

With the 282 being feed the signal, and dispersing it to a trio of 250's!

Well, I pulled the trigger!

Cdx2/282/HCDR/3 x 250/Briks

Waiting on new Snaxo technology!


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