on the last lap to my keeper system ...


Well I've taken the plunge and ordered my upgrades that will be my keeper system … I hope


First step is a Supercap DR replacing the HiCap (non DR) for my NAC 202.

This has been on home demo for the last 11 days and I've certainly heard the difference; tighter bass and clearer soundstage with a tad more engagement in the music.

I confirmed this tonight by moving back to the Hicap.

It's not a wow, but is certainly an improvement on what was already a fine sound.

Probably not VFM for a 202 but the intention was that sometime soon I would look at a s/h 282 or 252.


... but I was on a roll tonight so I've pulled the trigger and ordered a NAC 252, should see this in a couple of weeks.

I'll hopefully post my impressions of the 202/hicap to 252/supercap in due course.


so I'm nearly there … plan at present is that in a few years I'll move from my UnitiServe/DAC V1 to an NDX-2 (or whatever is available then) and that will be my keeper system !


Enjoying re-visiting my LP and rip collection and jumping up-and-down in anticipation of the 252 and another bout of revisiting,


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Hi Fueller,

"... on a roll" - well when you commit to the PS what's another £6k

I'm retired and have no future income but luckily have some pension investments. With Brexit and a finite personal timescale, I decided it wasn't worth waiting and I want to have time to enjoy my keeper system.

Enjoy life while you can, you never know what is around the corner!


Have to agree with you there and we're certainly all on a finite personal timescale! Many here will also always be on the last lap to a keeper system - me included. Next stop my turntable for life for 50th in a few years.

Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the 252..

I recently went from hc 202 to hc 282 and was amazed at the improvement. Like you,I'm retired with limited income, so each change is important. I'm sure the move to sc 252 will be more than enough to satisfy your long term desires. I don't have/do any streaming but like you would probably go for a ndx2 someday. Hope your 252 arrives soon and that you enjoy it for many years.


Thanks all for the supportive comments.


I've just had a morning listening to the 202/SC and it has been wonderful

I had an insightful moment where I've identified what it is I listen to … yes I know its about the music but I've now clarified that what I enjoy most is that the music is played by *people*; i.e. it is about the performance of the music by the players.

The 202/SC/250 is now allowing me to hear the individual performers; not only this but also *how* they are playing.


Listening to 'The Pious Bird of Good Omen' by Fleetwood Mac I could hear the different bass lines, drum hits, piano background and, of course, the guitar riffs. All that music was there before but the SC seems to have given them all more clarity and space (especially the bass) allowing them to shine through as individual musical lines.


I have versions of my favourite Bach Goldberg variations by Murray Perahia and Angela Hewitt; I love both but I tend towards the Perahia version for some reason I've never quite been able to grasp. I don't know if it is the significant reason but I have just been able to hear that the left hand of the Hewitt version is more staccato than the Perahia version, something I've not noticed before and which, I presume, now only hear with the added clarity of the SC.


… so maybe the SC is a valid upgrade option for the 202 - no different in monetary balance than the much lauded NDAC/555 pairing?


… if the 252 is as good as many people have posted then what on earth am I in for because what I'm hearing now is bloody good !


… I don't want to restart the source first debate again but simply note that this amazing sound is coming from a CD rip on a UnitiServe through the "humble" DAC V1, not exactly a match for the SC, 250 DR and B&W 803D3.


Of course this is all IMO and maybe I have cloth ears or haven't listened carefully enough in the past

I'll let you know what I think of the 252 in due course, can't wait,


Allan Milne posted:


... but I was on a roll tonight so I've pulled the trigger and ordered a NAC 252, should see this in a couple of weeks.

I'll hopefully post my impressions of the 202/hicap to 252/supercap in due course.


Happy to hear this!  Stopping at NAC202/SupercapDR sounded more than odd to me.  I've had my 252/SCDR for just a couple of weeks now, and its control over the music vs. my prior SN2 is stunning.  I look forward to hearing of your impressions.

The 250DR is one reason the 202 is sounding lovely. The 202/250DR may not be endorsed by many here and the system just shows the quality that the 250DR possesses. It is interesting that you used a Supercap DR on the 202. The difference between the Supercap DR and Hicap non-DR is not huge because the 202 is limiting its full potential.

I think you would be happy with the 252 especially when the Supercap Burndy connection is used which fully optimise the Supercap's potential. I just recently switched from the 202/200 to 282/250DR but didn't attempt to switch one by one as I have done the tedious comparisons previously and do not wish to do it all over again. I'm not going into detail on the differences here but what I can say is music surely sounds better on the 282/250DR than 202/200, and I am quite convinced the 252 will be a pretty large step up over the 202 with the Supercap on board.


stuart.ashen posted:

Congrats on the 252. I have had mine since 2003 so obviously a fan. It has a lovely natural and unforced nature, very refined compared to the lower preamps. It is at its best with impeccable sources, and very good with vinyl. Enjoy!


Absolutely agree with Stuart on the virtues of the 252 with vinyl. Having run my RP8 / Aria through the 272 - where it never quite sounded like I felt it should - the uplift with the 252 has been nothing short of astonishing. 


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