Optical cable's disruption tolerance

Hello, I have Mu-so Qb connected to Samsung Tv (2012) via optical cable I bought from supermarket years ago. When I watched tv the sound, especially speech, had a kind of robotic tone in it. There was no dropout in signal. I got rid of the distorted sound when I separated the optical cable from other cables running wild behind the table my tv and Mu-so stands on.

My cable chaos includes power cables, extented chord and ethernet cables. All cables are low-cost.

Does high quality optical cable users suffer from the same kind of problem? I have learned that dust in connectors can cause optical cable signal dropouts. What about the tolerance against disruption caused by other cables f.eg. power cable?

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optical cables are immune to electrical interference, no matter how strong the fields are. What might cause problems are other cables pulling the optical one slightly out of its connections. Any chance you can simply put the Toslink on top of the others to see if this solves your problem?

Thank you both for your answers.

As you mentioned other cables must have put weight on the optical cable and causing pressure on my tv socket. It feels more loose than Qb's socket so im confident that was the problem. After some cable sorting all is working fine now. Lesson learned.

Btw, Qb still makes me smile after 15 months of usage. Brilliant little cube.

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