Ovator S-400 circa 2011

Hello Naimees,

I have been thinking of changing my n-sats for a pair of Ovator S-400 and finally found a 2011 pair in a very good condition for the price. Just wondering, knowing that longevity of speakers can be quite good in general, would Naim be able to service these in a few years still? As for the change, as much as I love the n-sats I am craving some more heft in the bottom end. Will probably still keep my n-sats though. I will be driving the S-400 with a SN2 (source is MacBook Pro/Qute via digital out into Chord TT DAC)

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Vik - Speakers don't need servicing as such. Replacements for damaged drivers may be needed but apart from replacing a few items in the crossovers at 20 years or so, nothing else needs to be done. One thing that does seem to be slightly delicate on the Ovators, from a few posts on here, are the connection terminals which necessitate a return to factory to fix. You might want to check with Naim support on replacement drivers stock levels if you're concerned about this.



Much appreciated, everybody! I was certain that I would get quality feedback on the forum, including a photo as well  - thank you so much!

Regarding the sub recommendation, Pev, I agree with you that the N-SUB would, or another quality sub, would complement the N-Sats perfectly well, but my listening room is also our living room and lack of space rules this option out. Although there is one N-Sub available for sale now in my region.

Will have to make the purchase decision soon,



It's certainly preferable to have plenty of space and flexibility with room layout if you want to add a sub. You'll probably need to try quite a few different locations around the room to get it working well. Then again, the same might apply to Ovators, they are a little bit bigger than N-Sats! I wouldn't have room for them in my room, but I can cope with an N-Sub hidden behind the sofa. 

I currently have a pair of Ovators S-400's (2012) with a SN2 and they sound fantastic, you will be pleased. I have noticed in a few other members system profiles that they also have the SN2 > Ovators S-400 combinations, so you can feel comfortable that you are not sailing in uncharted waters.

Good luck with your decision.

Worth re-torquing the driver bolts and the leaf-spring bolts under the stands once you have obtained them, as after a few years and especially if they have been moved a distance they will probably be off correct and the speaker really benefits with them correct.

Naim can provide these - the Dealer would do them - use a torque screwdriver - don't touch them without the correct settings and a torque-driver, as too tight is bad.

The bass drivers should be around 3nm and the bolts under the stand 2.5nm, but I'm going on what the S600 and S800 was, so verify the exact settings for the S400. Very easy to do in a few mins and they will then be fine for many years.



Thanks, Ravenswood10 - already have the Fraim Chips for the rack and speakers - excellent.

Now the battle for the S-400 is "ON" - I am bidding on a local auction site and if i buy direct the pair will cost me 1.5K GBP. will see how this develops. BR, Vik


If you love nSats then S400 may just bore you to tears. Be aware the Ovator boxes are very different in their presentation. I know 3 Naim dealers personally, 1 absolutely loves the Ovators, the other 2 can’t stand them and were delighted when Naim discontinued them.

I also think they suck. Tread carefully and keep the nSats while you decide.

If i were you, i' d also keep the nSat.

I  still have both S400 and nSat. for secondary systems. I reckon the latter are more fun. (both driven by DVD5 and Nait XS)

S600 it's another story, but you know with a 500 system, even an entryphone would be nice.




Thank you guys: appreciate your additional feedback; I do respect your opinions but eventually it was comes down to personal sonic perceptions, preferences and esthetics - the latter cannot be underestimated as a factor for people not having the luxury of dedicated listening rooms.

Having said that, I was very keen on getting the S400 but decided to abort. The big issue for me was their size - seeting them and hearing them live (a step above, at least to my ears, my current N-sats), they are enormous and this SADLY makes them incompatible with my extremely limited space for placement, i.e. very close to rear wall with minimal space for adjustments. The room would have looked properly cluttered and unsightly to all but me...; but most importantly, the sonics would have been comprimized and the S400 sub-optimally utilized. 

Next step is to explore Wilson Benesch down-firing models such as Trinity, Vertex and potentially, the Discovery (original model). Vertex can be auditioned locally which is an advantage, in addition, both the Trinity and Vertex look quite similar to my N-Sats.  Will update in a few months following research and auditions. Enjoy the weekend, Vik

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