Ovator s-400 Issues

All mostly in the mind and room. I love my Focal Sopra 2s although to some this Forum they’re the equivalent of stepping in cow doo doo. I auditioned them number of occasions and had a home demo with fine tuning from my dealer as well as the wonderful Jason from a Naim. Delighted,  but as I say so many factors at play here which is why I’d never listen to Forum recommendations when it comes to speakers. My Father in Law still proclaims the a Goodmans Axiom in a  WW2 ammo box was the best thing he ever heard.......driven by a Rogers Cadette to boot with a Garrard 301 on the front end.

Ardbeg10y posted:

Forget it guys, let him go. He is even bumping on another place. The speakers deserve better.

Thanks for that, really helpful! At the moment I’m running them as much as possible even optically linked the telly to the Nova to get more hours into the speakers, I’m giving them every chance but keeping my options open, they’ll stay if they come to life as I didn’t buy them to sell straight away.

“The speakers deserve better” statement is ridiculous. Please don’t comment on my post if it’s not constructive.


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