Partnering amplifier for NAC 552

Cnewyork, I'm not sure about any "voicing" (I sometimes see this term but I'm not really sure what is mean by it), but certainly the NAP500 was one of the power amps that was used during NAC552 development (along with other Naim amps). Obviously it had to work at its best when partnered with the NAP500 as both represented the pinnacle of Naim pre/power at the time.

As for your second question, I'm not entirely certain what you're asking.  Can you clarify for me?

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hi guys,

what would be a more suitable amplifier for a NAC 552. NAP 300 or a 135s? I understand a 500 would be ideal but that is currently well out of my budget  

Speakers will most likely be linn Isobarik. 


I've used Briks powered by Naim amps for decades until a few years back and they work well with any Naim power amp of 250 and up, but you do hear clearly the different character of each amp.

The 135 mono-blocks have their own unique and engaging sound and sound very different from the 300 and 300DR.

The 300DR will win an all respects IMO, but between the non-DR 300 and 135 they each have their strengths and either will work well musically, but have very different character.

The later Naim amps reveal more detail and have better HF response IMO, possibly due to the better output power transistors available and gradual improvements as you would expect. But the 135 has its own dedicated power supply and transformer for each channel so has some 'boogie' advantages from how I hear it over the non-DR 300. The 300DR is better I think due to the better DR regulation design.

In short all work fine musically with the 552 and Briks.


Passive Bi amped Briks with 200 & 250, the regulated 250 shut down when driving the bass & mids.

Switched amps and the non regulated 200, did not shut down when driving the bass & mids.

A little less headroom, but not that noticeable!

But Passive Tri Amped Briks are a delight, next upgrade, Active Briks!



HCDR> 3 x 250.2> Briks

I would imagine the 552, would bring more to the party!

But the 282 isn't missing a beat!

Enjoy your Music!


 Chris, you suggest the Super Lumina  speaker cable may be the defining component,  if your were to choose would you always make SL your priority purchase when owning NAC552?  Thinking  about SL why do feel SL has central role when considered alongside 500?


Super Lumina speaker cable carries so much more resolution than Naca5.   I've listened to it in multiple systems (big and small) and it had an enormous benefit to the sound.  All Naim owners should consider a demo of Super Lumina in their systems.  I've  carried the "source-first" flag for decades, but SL has disrupted that thinking for me.  

Does the 'more metres of cable' rule apply to Super Limina as well? Currently the NAC A5 I have are over 8 metres each. I was told this is ideal for Naim Power amps.

Richard its great to hear from you. I think I might just start with the CB 250 into Briks for now. Eventually when funds allow I can add the 135s.

Unless of course my purchase of the Briks is stifled by my love for smaller standmounts.

I am working with bedroom space after all.