PI streamer / Roon recommendations for Naim DAC

Hi it's been a while since I looked at changing anything in my setup but now i find that I am on the brink of trying out a new streamer on my setup connecting this to my Naim DAC which is currently using it's source from a Sonos Connect.
This was meant to be a temporary measure whilst I waited to get a Core, but now that I have read about Roon I need a streamer that supports this going forward and the Core won't support roon so I am now thinking about getting a streamer.

I having been trying to research what I should go for and was on the page of HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP but now i am seeing good reviews for the DigiOne by Allo...? Not sure if the Allo's are worth the extra or if i need to be looking at something else.

All my music has been copied to flac on a Synology NAS (I will start off running a Roon Server on a MAC or maybe the Synology)  

I just wanted to see what you guys would recommend I look at based on experience, so any guidance from the forum would be good.

My current setup is: 
CDX powered by an XPS. 
NAC 82 - Two Hi-caps
NAP 250
Shahinian Arc Speakers




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If you looking to use Roon. Then I would use Ropieee as the base software on the pi. It supports most DACs or Digi hats for the pi is designed purely for Roon, has touch screen support for now playing and remote control. It's pretty much plug and play and the developer is active on Roons website. 

If your not going Roon then go for dietpi as the os for the pi and again it supports most DACs and digi hats. It's a bit more fiddely to setup but has a wide amount of other players you can use. 

Recommended HATs come from HifiBerry, IQAudio and Allo. Some rave about Allo but I have found the HifiBerry stuff to be great.

Thinking of going back down the Pi >>2Qute route again and the plug and play option really appeals to me as the last time I had a HifiBerry Digi+ /Pi I was really happy with the sound I just could not get my head around setting it up to run by itself without my laptop being on and couldn't do even the very minimal amount of programming it required and every forum I went on for advice really wasn't for people with my level of skills.

So a plug and play option is very good for me I briefly read the Ropiee website and liked the idea of the touch screen Pi running totally independently. Can these Ropiee Pi solutions be purchased as a built unit inc screen ready for use or do they have to be built and programmed?

Ropieee is only for creating a Roon endpoint from a Pi. Do you have Roon in your setup already? 

There is only one ready to go Touchscreen solution that I know  off and that's Audiophonics RaspTouch. You can choose the os to install on the SD card or it comes with some i think. Not sure how well supported there own hats are, they used to supply IQAudio stuff with it but know it's branded as their own. So you would need to check with the author of Ropieee to ask if they are supported. You can contact him easily enough from Roon forum in the Audio products section.

Ropieee itself is all configured by a simple web browser UI where you set the soundcard (hat) your using , what Roon Zone you want the display to control and setup wireless etc. Go got a pi3 b+ as they now have 5ghz wireless built-in .

Hi Lino, it might be a slight variant of what you are asking, but I like to keep things really simple... usually the best SQ follows. I use a Naim streamer, but I then use my Pi as UPnP proxy for Tidal and Qobuz .. and this way, especially with Qobuz many masters sound just about indistinguishable from home rips on the NAS... I use some software on the Pi called BubbleUPnP Server.. it’s currently free. There is no Roon etc but it’s nice and simple and sounds superb... it can also transcode Qobuz and Tidal to WAV, just like how Naim prefers it... and because you  are delivering the media via Ethernet to the streamer the vast majority of the SQ issues involved with USB interfacing are avoided.

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