Please fix Slide Over and Split Screen in the Naim App!

Phil Harris posted:
CSI_Basel posted:

See above!


That functionality has been removed from the current app as it didn't work correctly in landscape mode and requires extensive rework to resolve - the function is scheduled to be reinstated properly at a later date.


Would have been helpful if this had been stated in the release notes.  Then I wouldn't have bothered to update....

I have an SU and Muso so couldn't care less about an improvement that only works with the new range. 

Just bring back the slide over and split screen - for me it's been the biggest improvement all year!!!!!!!!

CSI_Basel posted:

HH - having read a number of your posts - you seem to think you have a more important position within this forum than others.....

I actually couldn't care less what you think!!

That’s fine. And I don’t care about the slide over thing, as I have no idea what it is. I was just wondering why you are so exercised about it. Slagging off Naim when they have said that they are on the case is hardly helpful. I’m sure it will be fixed in due course, if that’s what Phil says. 

I do agree that there are one or two folk here who seem to dominate  and some even give contrary advice in the process - more boxes, less boxes, more boxes, denigrating certain products over time only to end up with them. Strange old world! There’s even one here who seems to be on a one man mission to bury the Core. Life is way tooooo short- move on.

It means you can have 2 screens open on the ipad. So one can be the Naim app and have Safari or some other app open too and both are active simultaneously. Allows you to multi-task  

Very handy feature that got introduced on the later ipads a couple of yrs ago.