possible upgrade to ND555 and separate preamp

analogmusic posted:

I've had the chance to compare a 272 with a 282 in my own system playing Vinyl.

The 282 was considerably and audibly better than a 272 as a preamp....

will it be worth it to upgrade to a 552 / NDS...... yes.

Analog,which power supply was being used on each preamp for this test?


"would you do it if you could handle it financially?", "happy...always looking for an upgrade". It's really down to you. I don't mean in the obvious sense that its your choice. You will know best if you are an addicted upgrader or a enough is enough person.

I have no experience of the 272, I moved up the ladder before this came out. A 252/300 combo is excellent. If your aspiration is the 552 then do it. Going 252 to 552 is a major step but I can't give a percentage change estimate. So 272 to 552 with be a bit of a jaw dropper.

The 552/330 is also a great place to stop. Again if you are hankering for 552/500 then that is the natural sumit for the 500's. Buying second hand can ease the guilt. Also, if possible, avoid a small step if you can take a leap, straight to 552 if this is your goal. Admit to yourself where you want to stop.

With 552/300 or /500, your amps are done and you can play with sources as you wish, knowing you are hearing them accurately. Let us know what you decide.