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Creating this thread to highlight songs with awesome, incredible backing vocals.  Many times the backing vocals are what make the entire only the best of the best you've heard.  Quality not quantity. 

I'll start off with one of my favorites, in honor of the Queen of Soul:

Not much to say here, listen to the backing vocals.

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Here's the perfect example of a song that may not quite work at all without backing vocals...its just a bit confused.  However at the end, the very end, it delivers! 

The best ending phrase for backup vocals I've ever heard...OMG.  I listen to the entire song just to hear the setup for the "oooooh" at the end.  Beautiful and punches me right in the soul.  So smooth...

Todd Rundgren’s use of backing vocals are exceptional IMO, but I suspect they are a bit like marmite, you love them or hate them.

When I played this track by the Tubes, my wife said, turn that rubbish off, you know I don’t like Todd Rundgren. (He’s was only singing backing vocals, although he did produce it).



He produced and sang backing vocals on Bat Out Of Hell.


This one is rare as owl shit, and nobody done never had a blues name like Jimmy McCracklin...but this is one of the best I've ever heard, maybe even the best.  I *highly* recommend purchasing this CD "XM Radio / Starbucks Bluesville", I bought it at a ****ing Starbucks on a whim because I was driving across the USA and had played out all my music.

 ONE SONG blew me away and I can't find it on Spotify (only another version that isn't as good imo) by digging I found it on youtube but you have to listen to version is A MA ZING!

Now listen to 2nd version that starts at around 4:49: 

Get the CD!

Youtube version is shit quality, sorry but the CD is great...I"d get it on vinyl if I could...looking for the actual version of the song and when it was recorded, etc.


Three songs come instantly to mind for me;

1) Sympathy For The Devil (Stones). Female backup vocals credited to both Marianne Faithful and Anita Pallenberg. I could be wrong but I hear a single, primary female vocalist throughout most of the song. Recent accounts credit that outstanding performance to Pallenberg.

2) The Great Gig In The Sky (Pink Floyd, DSOTM). Clare Torry's powerful vocals absolutely drive this song. The track is short on spoken lyrics to begin with and Torry's vocals add no words. A backup vocalist for the album, but a primary vocalist here.

3) Paradise By The Dashboard Light. (Meatloaf). Okay, maybe more of a duet. Still, it would be unfair not to credit Ellen Foley for one of the more impassioned vocal performances when not the premier artist. I think she actually out-sings Meatloaf on the song (not an easy feat). Album credits call Foley the "featured female vocal" on that particular track. Given @fatcat 's mention of Todd Rundgren above, I'd be remiss not to say that he is also included in backing vocals on the song as well as the producer of the album.

This thread already takes long enough to load, so for courtesy I've forgone imbedding links assuming anyone interested in hearing the tracks is capable of Googling them.

Bob Dylan – Infidels

Too many to mention, but the first one that occurs to me is "Union Sundown" by Bob Dylan, with the incomparable Clydie King on BVs

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Anything by Brian Wilson / Beach Boys. ...fabulous harmonies. 

Wishing you were here by Chicago with Beach Boys Dennis Wilson  Carl Wilson and Al Jardine . Breathtaking 


With Mike depping live.... and the late lamented Terry Kath on the verses. 

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