Problem with "Audio Mute" - NAC N 272

I'm experiencing some problems with "Audio Mute" function of my NAC N 272 (recently purchased). 

Randomly, listening music from any audio source, the "audio mute" is automatically  activated (sometimes after 30 minutes or something more). I try to reactivate the original volume, but after a few seconds the mute audio is reactivated again. I'm forced to try again a few times before the volume becomes stable.

Has anyone encountered the same problem?






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I've not seen this. Things to exclude:

a) it's not a Naim remote oranother remote telling it to mute. If you cover the 272 with a something dark and dense like a coat, does it still happen.

b) Its not an app controlling the 272? Is another app somehow interfering with the Naim app?

c) Have you been using it on Spotify with a phone which is not under your control and is now elsewhere, in which case it could be something to do with what the remote Spotify user is trying to do (although that normally has the volume going up unexpectedly rather than down.)



Also another question, when the 272 mutes itself, if you look at it in the app, does it show it as muted or not? You can check that by selecting the 272 in the app, tapping the now-playing bar at the bottom and then if it's muted there should be a loudspeaker icon with a cross through it. And if you tap that it should unmute. Does it?



If the NAP250DR gets too hot, then it shuts down until its cooled down. But this takes a few minutes. How quickly can you unmute the 272? And if you play music more quietly, do you still have the mute problem. Does the NAP250DR feel unduly hot if you touch it? Have you got good ventilation around it?



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Thanks again to all.
The Audio Mute  is activated automatically also when the amplifier switched off.
I tried this morning using the headset while the amplifier  was turned off.


It seems to be a weak point of the 272. I encountered the same problem some weeks ago in my 272 from May 2016, which jumps 'out of the blue' to MUTE+PAUSE. In other words, the sound is muted AND the music is paused. Did a couple of tests:

  1. When I copy some songs onto a USB stick and play the songs directly from the USB stick in the front panel, the same happens -->  the problem is not in the NAS or in its connection to the 272

  2. When I remove the batteries from the remote control, the same problem happens -->  the reason is not a faulty signal from the Remote Control

  3. The problem seems to occur after several hours of playing. When I switch off the 272 (using the switch at the back) and turn on after some minutes, the same problem happens.

 Phil Harris from Naim suggested that the 272 unit has a faulty touch logo and the logo is incorrectly registering a mute touch. And indeed, after I disabled the mute button under Settings, the problem was gone.

My kind dealer offered me a free repair under warranty, but I didn't bother.

I had a similar issue with my 272 a few months back. The fault was resolved following a replacement of the logo by Naim. However, If you can put up with the LCD panel flashing on and off every now and again, it's possible to bypass the muting by disabling the option within the menu. As mentioned elsewhere in the thread, it might help pinpoint the issue.



I had the same issue with my 172. It was caused by the capacitance switch in the logo. The tolerance for the capacitive plate in the mute switch/logo is incredibly tiny. The expansion of the casework due to heat, (ie leaving the preamp always on as you should) caused a "pinching" which muted the preamp.

My importer, (Chris Murphy), sorted this for me without fuss. It is a known issue,  I understand that it wasn't really Naim's fault, just a few dicky switches.

My mute on the face of the 272 is very hit or miss...I thought it wasn't working at all when I first got it muted about one time in ten "touches"

The more I used it the better it got ...but every now and then it goes really insensitive again and just doesn't operate..

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