My experience with WD Cloud and Plex has left me thinking about going for QNAP (I find the WD very slow and many of the files are coming out "unknown album" whereas the picture of the album is showing. The Plex service was at cost. What is the position with Asset? How much does it cost? Also, I get the feeling QNAP is tricky to set up: the sales person said as much. What is the position?

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Your 'unknowns' on Plex are probably down to the directory and file structure.

I use the following format;  This example has the year in it but it doesn't make any difference.

Abbie Lathe
-> Abbie Lathe - Avebury
    -> Abbie Lathe - 2003 - Avebury - 01. Avebury Song
    -> Abbie Lathe - 2003 - Avebury - 02. Searching For Lambs

All works fine for me.  I can buy a lot of Hires from Qobuz for the cost of Qnap/Asset.

If you’re not familiar with how to set up a NAS and server, it will probably feel like a bit of a faff, and may involve some head scratching. You only have to do it once, though, then it should be pretty much maintenance free. Asset and Minimserver are both very well supported by their developers, so you will not be on your own.

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.............  , I get the feeling QNAP is tricky to set up: the sales person said as much. What is the position?

I've installed two QNAP's for friends & included Asset,  its not at all difficult & I'm at a loss to understand why a 'salesperson' would say such a thing for various reasons.   That said I'm a Synology user & that is remarkably simple to set up,  its just a shame Synology & Asset can't get there heads together, as has been done with Minimserver.   

Well I have a Qnap 251 and found it quite straightforward. I did add extra Ram because I use it to near it's full potential. If at first you don't succeed read the instructions! Yes they are long but the 251 is a very comprehensive piece of kit that could be over kill if you never need to use all the facilities. Having said that I still prefer to use the Core/272 for streaming due to a slight difference in sound presentation. Have a look at the various NAS review sites to get a broad overview and tips on setting up a music server and whole house back up solution. If you don't need or will never use all the facilities that the Qnap provides then you may as well purchase something cheaper. If possible do try to listen to the Nas of your choice connected to a music system and then compare it to another one, in my experience there is a difference in sound presentation between NAS that if your system is up to it will show, and you may prefer one over another! Go in with an open mind. Rich 

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