Radio 2 Sounding Good This Morning

Brian Mathews stopped due to ill health sometime around November.  In January it was announced he has now retired.  The man who stood in for him in November & up to today is Tim Rice, the famous lyric writer of Joseph, JC Superstar, Evita & Chess etc etc etc.     Not sure if this is a temporary set up - suspect it is - maybe a good slot for Tony Blackburn.

Alternatively there's always Record Review on BBC Radio 3 FM at 9:00am, presented by Andrew McGregor. The Building a Library section at 9:30am is always essential listening.

If Tony Blackburn does become the R2 presenter as suggested by Mike-B, then I'm sure Andrew McGregor will enjoy many more new listeners!

Clive B posted:

If Tony Blackburn does become the R2 presenter as suggested by Mike-B, then I'm sure Andrew McGregor will enjoy many more new listeners!

...........      .............  could well be right.   However (& very coincidentally) I've found the following published on 11 Feb..   "Tony Blackburn is to make his return to Saturdays on Radio 2, replacing axed DJ Brian Matthew on Sounds Of The 60s.   But fans of the show may not be too thrilled with its timing – the BBC is moving the programme two hours earlier, so it will now start at 6am  ........  starting 4h March"

So (as she is oft to do) auntie Beeb has screwed it up in more ways than one,  'Sounds of the 60's' from 08:00 is Saturday morning staple diet for us crusty ol' 1960's farts.   And if there is one person who cannot be taken seriously as a rock/pop stalwart of 1060's music its Tony Blackburn.  I suspect SoS with him fronting & starting at 06:00 it will have a limited life & as we are running out of respected 1960's old timers, I expect SoS will soon disappear.        Not sure what will follow & also how much longer Graham Norton can last,  at the moment his time slot is when I rush to change to Paradise, Naim or Martini in the Morning.

It sounds like the BBC are making a right mess of replacing BM. I for one liked his honest, earnest presentational style. He was obviously passionate about the era too. TB on the other hand always sounds like he's one second from close climaxing and has no idea earl interest in the music.

...........  not sure Paul Gambaccini would want to give up his TOTP show,  maybe a better gig in cash terms. (not forgetting that both are pre-recorded so its not a question of Blackburn being on the mic at 06:00)    That said both of them are not that enamored with BBC & its very obvious the feelings mutual.   Blackburn & his dismissal over his performance at the Savile enquiry & followed by the Gambaccini public criticism of BBC & in particular of D.G. Tony Hall over the Savile affair.

Some more on new BBC schedules related to this thread ..............  As I said earlier, Brian Matthew has stepped down from SoS due to ill health - plus at 88 we need to accept he can't go on forever.    Tim Rice has just bowed out from his last show - & I have to say Tim did a great job, he has a simple relaxing style & played some good music.    BM is over his health problem & auntie Beeb has announced he will return next Saturday 25 February for a final show.   Then Tony Blackburn will take over a new 06:00 time slot beginning 4 March (not a great idea IMO).    Radio 2 will run an occasional series of programmes to be transmitted around bank holidays starting Easter Sunday called 'The Brian Matthew Years'  & the man himself will reflect on his life & times. 

I guess all good things have to come to an end  .........  

Agree about Tim Rice doing a good job, not sure Tony Blackburn is right for this show, plus starting a 6am, I shall still be in the land of nod....

The way the BBC have handled the unnecessary programme changes is as usual pretty dismal....dont see why Brian Matthews couldn't just carry on as Desmond Carrington did....

I think putting Blackburn in is an insulting copout. He's an entertainer who's only really interested in his own voice and not the music. Tim Rice showed some humility and interest in the music, and of course BM knew many of the musicians and had a real feel for what creating music in the 60s meant. Blackburn is part of the BBC triviality culture that gave us the first TOTP presenter.

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