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Hi, do anyone of you know whether it is possible to access Radio Paradise's alternate streams on the Uniti streamer? On the Squeezebox platform there are 4 available: Main Mix, Mellow Mix, Rock Mix and Mellow Mix. All in FLAC and all fantastic!

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For RP FLAC streams, I use my iPhone into the front panel USB input on the NDX - a Uniti would be the same. The need for a cable is a minor inconvenience as my rack is close to the sofa, but a bit more difficult if it's on the other side of the room. 

I have done the same Chris,  problem is I have another side of the room situation & as a result have found it to be too much inconvenience.   It’s a shame in more than one ways,  not least that Naim appear to have not tried to get into this or at least not made it clear why they cannot,  whereas Sqeezebox have,  & if as WOJ writes, they seem to have done it well.

I have my QNAP TS251 NAS connected to my tv via HDMI. The QNAP has HD Station which includes a browser as well as a range of apps. I just use the RP web interface on the browser and as the tv is connected to the NOVA via optical I get all the RP options. I control the NAS via a wireless mouse and keyboard from my sofa. This applies to anything accessible by browser on the internet. 

The QNAP is brilliant value as it is effectively a media PC as well as a NAS - I am currently watching the England Sri lanka test match live in HD (courtesy of my new FTP 200mb broadband connection .

LMS has got a plugin called 'Chrome-cast Bridge' provided by a genius Phillipe. Once installed on the server and configured it can see the Uniti giving full control of it from the LMS interface including streaming all the RP FLAC streams.

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