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Does anyone know where I could get a decent cable made so I can connect the RCA out from my turntable pre-amp (Rega Fono MM MK3) to the analogue DIN input on my Uniti Star?

This will free up the useful Analoge input for something else of course.


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It all depends on price a used Chord Chrysalis or Crimson will cost around £30 whilst a Chord Music a few thousand. 

Unless you specify a price it’s hard to give advice and there are many companies selling RCA - DIN so you don’t need to have them made. 

Look up Flashback cables for a budget brand new cable. 

FlasbackSales do a good selection of Naim-style leads and provided me with exactly what you're after. As it was for a TT I wasn't bothered about it being the absolute best cable in the world ever, just that it gave the correct connectivity. About twenty quid, works for me.

Since we are at it, I have a RCA-to-DIN5 Hi-Line that I have purchased S/H from a dealer in London late last year. I had it on my Hugo to my 252. I was delighted with it. I am convinced it  contributed to make the little DAC compete with the.. NDS. 🤓

Chag -

Well I’ve splashed out on a new cable, Almost!!!

£1.74 for a gold plated 5 pin DIN connector, a quick google to confirm the pin connections and cannibalising a half decent RCA to XLR cable I’ve had in a box in the garage for 5 years.

Sounds better than the cheapo RCA to RCA I was using and I’ve got my Analoge RCA input free again :-)


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