Re-discovering older superb but forgotten LP's

This morning, I randomly pulled out an LP which happened to be "Tenement Symphony" by Marc Almond.
I vaguely remember buying it but possibly played it very little, or at least I'd forgotten about it.
Now, some 26 years later, I was amazed, not only at what a great album it is but also how well produced it is! 

What's your favourite, re-discovered album from 25+ years ago?




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And this too. Screaming Blue Messiahs, Good & Gone.

 To be entirely honest, these 3 don’t quite fit your criteria Blythe, as they are old vinyl faves rather than randomly pulled from the shelf, but tastes can change radically in the 25-30 years since I last played them so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  These didn’t disappoint. 

I have rediscovered most of my old vinyl with the Kleos SL and the Superlne Supercap.   My Naim Audio system fills me with gratitude for my old vinyl.   I bought all these when they first came out and they sound wonderful today.  

The Band is my favorite old vinyl.   It is just luminous through this rig.

My number 2 is the Border Soundtrack by Ry Cooder with a great band including John Hiatt, Jim Keltner and Jim Dickinson.

Both sound better played loud.


One more old favorite which really sings on vinyl.

And another great memory.

Another favorite.   This may be my favorite live album of all time.


kevin J Carden posted:

And another.. Timbuk 3, Greetings from..

Great and memorable album. I don’t have on CD so haven’t played in years but can still remember track titles like Hairstyles and Attitudes and Facts about Cats (Cats will be cats and cats will eat birds). 

When I went through my entire vinyl collection, digitising (originally to make into CDs, but not much later switching to streaming), I played every record, listening to it at the same time as ripping. In doing so I played some records I had not played for decades, though others were regular plays. Out of my ~500 LPs about a dozen made me wonder why on earth I had bought, and I deleted the rip (the worst was probably Faust by Faust). As for rediscovered gems, hard to pick a single best, but maybe Warhorse by Warhorse, Magical Love by Saturnalia and Heroes, Saints and Fools by Saracen, of which the last is best.

Gamma 2.

I haven’t played this for a few years, although probably not as long as 25 years. Side 1 is absolutely top notch. Three heavy, driving, rock tracks and a power ballad. Voyager definitely went under the radar, superb song with a stunning guitar solo. A classic.


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