Ah yes, that was KJ if I remember rightly...

Yes, a friend at school had an LX-5 and I still have an LX-3 (essentially the same bar no off tape monitoring). They're nice decks, styled after the 700ZXE and ZXL, albeit some don't like the extent of the plastics used on the facsias. 

Tony2011 posted:

Interesting analogy, Ian. I’m curious to find out  where Richard thinks his newly serviced ZX-9 stands in comparison to the Ferrari automotive lineup. 

Tony I would put Richards ZX9 in the Ferrari line up as a absolute analogue classic of a car..... Wishing you a good weekend.

Richard Dane posted:

Jon, it was in the 1983 Cassette Deck digest edition of Hifi Choice where I first read Angus McKenzie's glowing review of both the ZX-9 and Dragon that I fell in love and knew I had to have one of them one day. At the time, all i could afford was a BX-2, which was a revelation compared to the Technics deck it replaced. Then, helped by a very strong pound and weak yen at the time, the BX-2 was joined by the new RX-202. The 202 lasted many years in spite of a number of repairs that were required to keep the flipping cassette mechanism in good working order (it used to get a case of the jitters).  My last new Nak deck purchase was a Cassette Deck 1.5, and that only went when the opportunity to buy a lovely ZX-9 came up.

Thanks for the story about Angus' Dragon.  Please post any pictures you may have.

Wow, Funny How Time Flies!

Janet Jackson. Nice tune!

Yes, my deck was the Nak 680ZX.

Beautiful deck.

Just Googled:

<680 ZX vs Z-9 vs Dragon>

My 680ZX fail short, splitting hairs, of course.

According to the Nakamichi maniacs.

My first Nak was the wedge shape 600, the 680ZX was noticeably better than the 600.

One thing for sure, the 680ZX, was. Good looker!

Kind of hate I sold it now!

And old proverb, a good thing sells itself.

That's what I love About Naim!

Within the last 3 years, I've acquired roughly $20K of Pre-loved Naim gear.

The Market could easily render $15K.

$12K within a week.

Not Bad!

Enjoy Your Music!


PS. That was the Golden Age Of The Cassette Recorders! 

The 80's

Thanks Richard for posting it.

Yeah lovely aesthetics - just so understatedly stylish the green back light in the cassette door and the red LED s  and the chrome would definitely be on my big lotto win list.... In my Nak room !

 In my recorder collection I also have the Tandberg 3014 A  an absolute beast of a deck but it recently stopped rewinding in one direction so going to just keep it as a bit of eye candy  - as I know it's going to be a tall order for repair and replacement parts.Would post some pics of it but to be honest I am not very Tec savvy with things like that on the internet.

Wishing you a relaxing Sunday

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