Refused Naim App login to Tidal service with Twitter Account

Hi there,

I have newly set up an NDX and registered with the Tidal Service using the NAIM iOS App.

I chose the Twitter option to authenticate.

Nevertheless: When I open Tidal in the Naim App I prompted for my Tidal Password, when I give my Twitter credentials it refuses to login.

Using the very same Twitter credentials on works without a problem. I have a profile there, a Tidal HiFi subscription (although unable to use), etc.

I did not fid any meaningful support information nor contact, neither in the App itself nor on Tidal's web site.

Has anybody a hint for me?





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There used to be an issue with the app if you had non-alphanumeric characters in your Tidal password. I thought that had been fixed (in the IOS app anyway) but I may be wrong. But if your twitter password has non-alphanumeric characters, you may find that changing your twitter password to one that doesn't would fix things for you.



Hi DAN360,

i did exactly this. download and login to the iOS Tidal app as well, with Twitter credentials - no problem at all.

But that does not mean, that I can login to Tidal on the Naim App. Also I did not find anything specific to Naim or the NDX in the Setup.

if there were only a meaningful support email somewhere ...


Kind regards,



Hi David,

many thanks for the hint, unfortunately I have no special characters in my password,

So stupid, that I cannot get it to work. I can also not register a second time from th Naim App, it says, that the offer has already been taken,


any other idea?