Rega rp10 or vpi prime

I am adding a turntable to my system.  It’s down to Rega rp10 or the vpi prime.  About the same price, using an SPL phonos with either one. My components are nap 300dr, soon to be nac552 pre amp, and focal maestro uptopia speakers. 

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You'll need to hear them both I think.  The Rega is fast, tight, and so, so rhythmically engaging.  On the right LP it leaves you on the edge of your seat, quite breathless (this happened to me just last week - I felt like I'd gone back in time).  It also manages to get "inside" the music like little else I've heard and can pick up subtleties and nuances like little else.  It will not add anything like warmth or pleasant colouration. It's very pure, but maybe lacks some romance that you get with other decks. It's so enjoyable it makes me wonder just how much better is the Naiad at a mooted £30K.  Oh, and the ceramic platter is utterly exquisite -  no wonder it makes up the lions share of the cost of the deck, and is also a feature of the Naiad.  It's quite unlike anything else out there, and a supremely elegant thing in its own right.

While I've heard a number of VPIs over the years, I have not heard a VPI Prime, but if it's reputed to be in the same ballpark then it must definitely be worth hearing. But if it's anything like earlier VPis then it will somewhat different, and a bit more sober and straight-laced in character. It does look more like a "proper" turntable and a bit beefier as well. The 3D printed tonearm wand sounds rather interesting too.

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hi Zackwater -- if i may ask, why these two options only?

May be a terrible reason but the rp10 and the prime are the two lines carried by my favorite two shops.  The reviews seem solid for either model.  It may be shallow, but I’ll just don’t like the looks of the Linn plus the price in the USA is out of sight.  I’m comfortable with the prices of the two models I’m down to. 

For the similar cost, I thought the RP10 gave superior sound to the LP12 .... which is why I purchased the Rega - as opposed to the more expensive Akurate level LP12

Perhaps the LP12 may come into its own, with more upgrades.... but then you end up spending crazy amounts for slight improvements in sound quality ..... law of diminishing returns!

value wise .... RP10 is difficult to better at the price.

I didn’t get the opportunity to compare against the VPI Prime .... which seems to get rave reviews.

Unfortunately, the dealer wanted me to buy without auditioning or comparison... so I went elsewhere and got the Rega ... which sold itself on listening 😄

I wouldn’t buy the VPI based solely on magazine reviews.



analogmusic posted:

Just when I thought I’m done with vinyl a thread like this comes up


There's allready plenty of vinyl threads on the internet

Its beyond me why would a new thread dated yesterday make your thoughts change as if surpricing ?

Your birthday yesterday perhaps ?

Or not the right clothes available ?

Remember to look like you have money if you go shopping 


analogmusic posted:

It was Richard Dane's review of the RP10.

Over the years I've learnt that when Richard Dane gives his opinion on a piece of hi-fi, it is something special.


Citing or quote others seem to be your most important way of making decisions


I'd add though, that reviews from reliable sources, like for instance my dealer, "the ear" website, or members of the forum who know what they are talking about, or whatever it may be, can only be an encouragement to audition the kit in a showroom.

Sometimes when it is not possible once takes a gamble and purchases the kit, and I've never really been disappointed.... certainly the 250 DR was very special from the moment I switched it on - and I had no patience to audition before buying. I just wanted it.

So thanks to the praise of the RP10, now I am curious about it.... 


analogmusic posted:

It was Richard Dane's review of the RP10.

Over the years I've learnt that when Richard Dane gives his opinion on a piece of hi-fi, it is something special, in terms of what I am personally looking for.

engagement, Rhythmic ability, these are the things that get my attention.


Fair enough

I would have expected these abilities in place allready, afterall its a TT/Cart in the 6-7K€ region, for me the attention is there  but $$$ not available

Cheaper Rega TT does it for me, it has plenty of prat

Funny as I have read elsewhere someone preferred RP8 against RP10 both compared silmoustanely, perhaps it was not with Aphelion though ?

Though one!

I have a VPI (Classic 3) and a RP10.

The VPI is great – I like the "old" metal arm wand and like the "bulkyness" of the player – it's a real machine. BUT I'm not toooo much of a fan of uni-pivot arms, plus the VPIs tend to make you tune-here-and-there-and-buy-upgrades-once-and-then. You will often have great excuses why something does not sound "soooooo" great. But hey, that's what Naim is all about...

The RP10 – is a super-no-nonsense-player. It simply works. The only thing you can tune besides the cartridge (go for the Aphelion if money allows) are the feet (would stick to the metal-rubber ones). Cartridges (Rega) are self aligning (3 pin). VTA is fixes. 

My choice: RP10.

Another consideration between the two turntables, I live in the USA.   If I were in Europe then the rp10 would be considerable less.   The price in the USA with Apheta 2 is $6695,  with Aphelion $9495, and  $5495 no cartridge. The VPI prime is $3999 no cartridge, the vpi prime signature is $5999 no cartridge.  All of these prices are list, so in the real world take 20% off on either brand.  

Emre posted:

planar 8 must be on its way...... 

I thought so too

Perhaps they are not able to create enough improvement to qualify new version yet ?

The glossblack finish is not really my cup

I would have purchased a red Planar 2 for the office but decided against getting another of this finish, instead I am moving my RP6 upstairs and await a lottery for getting a Naiad running in the main rig.

French Rooster posted:
Emre posted:

planar 8 must be on its way...... 

hey Emre, on it’s way for you ?     I see you have the dr oetker turntable already....

no meaning RP8 and PR10 will become planar 8 and 10..... like the others..

i am saving for kronos sparta but maybe phono stage first...

i have brinkmann fien and i can upgrade it with a brinkmann edison or superline/supercap...

jazz classic good recordings only, that why i am more inclined on a tube phone stage..

Listened to the vpi sourced shinola turntable played thru shinola's own d-class powered speakers today,not sure how representative of vpi it is but for $4g (between the speakers and the tt) I would certainly want better sq. Visually interesting but  thats all it had going for it.

The Shinola Runwell comes with an inboard phono stage and Ortofon 2M Blue. I find it more of a lifestyle TT choice targeted at vinyl newbies with $2,500 to spend. Nice styling, I agree, but certainly not a deck intended to compete with better audiophile offerings like the RP10 or VPI Prime. Frankly, I think it's a bold move by Shinola to market a TT in the mid-level price range with a built-in stage. Then again, I'm using a mid-level integrated with a fantastic built-in phono stage, so go figure.

I will be making my decision very soon.  All of the feedback has been very helpful.   It’s very frustrating not being able to “test drive” my choices.   I’m a airplane ride away from being able to hear the two choices.   Plus, even if I did it won’t be with my phonostage, my amp, my preamp, my speakers, etc..  Also it won’t be in my room.   I feel it boils down to this; both turntables are excellent, as long as I pick a quality matching cartridge I’ll be fine.  

I wish you luck as I know what it's like to buy without a demo. I've had to but a ton of kit over the years blind. Some has been easy (282 to 252 to 552) and somoe not so. The forum is a good help in getting a short list together. I've not heard the VPI at all but I ahve always had a Rega TT in the system. Various models over the years. Being away from specialist support, the Rega un-box and play routine works well for me.

I did make the effort to fly to demo speakers though. That's another story.



Lightning just struck me.  Not literally, buy I just went down and measured the naim Fraim shelf, and guess what?  The vpi is too big.   Don’t really want to “engineer” a different shelf.   Rp10 it is (maybe I’ll check the fooltprint of the lp12).  

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