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a few posts down I discovered that I cannot have my nVi fixed by naim. I am therefore looking for a replacement dvd and av amp combination but don’t quite know where to start. I want to use with my n-system speakers and want to keep the quality up there - any suggestions what I should try?

not entirely sure of budget but I suppose I would spend circa £2k give or take and could stretch further for something sounding particularly good. I will speak to acoustica for their advice as well but was wondering if anyone here could recommend anything to look at

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Shame to hear about your nVi my friend, as I’ve had mine for 7 years,?bought second hand and serviced about 5 years ago. It’s still going strong and I’ve even found Virgin TV never unlocks the signal when you fast forward though adverts.  I look forward to reading suggestions you get from the forum.

When my n-Vi died I contemplated using an Oppo as processor and pre-amp to drive some NAP 100s but eventually plumped for a fix and forget solution of an Arcam amp/processor.  I've had that for about 3 years now. It's a big beast but it's trouble-free, never needs a reset like my n-Vi used to and performs well.  I just use the Oppo to play discs. 

Depending your priorities, the Marantz NR1508 / NR1607 / NR1608 range (the NR1508 is 5.1 the NR160x is 7.1) which are slim line devices but still have front channel pre-out.  Not as versatile as the Arcam, but can fit in well with a Naim HiFi system.

Slightly annoyingly they don't have a matching UHD player...

You started the thread with the idea that the NVi was not capable of being repaired?  May I ask what was the road block on that?  Have you ever run a digital sound signal INTO the NVi from blu ray or Apple TV, and had it successfully process the 5.1 sound out to a 5.1 speaker set up?  With modern 4K television, I am wondering if one could use the NVi as just the sound processor in parallel with the video from some source going to a TV or projector.  Anyone try this set up?

That’s what I do, Frotter16 and furthermore, now I’m using Virgin for TV, the signal never gets unlocked, when fast forwarding through adverts.

Its a great piece of Naim equipment and a shame it’s been discontinued.

Mind you, it does beg the question... if it’s functionality as processor and 5.1 amp is being used after streaming or feeding 4K... can’t Naim just make that in a device?  With the usual options of upgrade - pre out, use of 555PS etc.??

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