Restarting a system after a 3 month shutdown

I am upgrading my vintage Linn/Naim system. It currently consists of a LP12, Ekos with a Troika, an Arcam CD transport, an Adcom DAC, a NAC 32 upgraded to 32.5, a Hicap, 2 NAP 135s and PMS Isobariks run passively. This was mostly purchased in 1985, with some upgrades over time. No upgrades have been done for past 15- 20 years, except recapping the 32.5, the Hicap and the 135s in 2001. I will be upgrading the LP12 and going to streaming rather than CD. I have purchased a second hand Supercap and an ex-demo NAC 282.

My system was working fine with the 32.5 and the Hicap. I had to shut it down for some renovations to the house. It was not running for about 3 months. When I put it back together with the 282 and the Supercap in place, there was almost no volume coming from either speaker. There was a loud hum from both speakers. It sounded like the only speakers working were the tweeters. I replaced the 282 with the 32.5. Same thing. I then replaced the supercap with the Hicap, which put me back to my original configuration. No change. I was using the CD player at the time. I then tried an old tuner with the same result – no volume, hum and only tweeters. I talked to my dealer. He loaned me a Yamaha integrated amp to take the place of all my electronics to check the wiring of the speakers. The speakers worked just fine. I should note that my local dealer has both Linn and Naim, but at this point in time deals pretty much with Linn and very little with Naim, so I could not borrow a Naim power amp to replace the 135s.

The 135s are due to be recapped. The only components I haven’t tried to change are the 135s. Are they my problem? What are the chances of both having trouble at the same time? What is my problem?

Thanks for any suggestions or help you can offer.

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I think they are connected correctly. I have never connected a Supercap, but I believe it was correct according to the diagram I found for Naim connections. The Hicap was connected - , socket 1(Hicap) open, socket 2(Hicap) to 135(#1) left XLR connector, socket 3(Hicap) to 135(#2) right XLR connector, socket 4(Hicap) to the 32.5. 

These are Chrome Bumper Hicap and 135s, if that matters.

I don't understand what (red band to CH2) means.


My problem has been resolved.

My dealer told me a story of another client who had a 6-pack who also had to shut them off for an extended period of time. When he restarted them, 2 of the 135s did not work. The 135s were also getting to the age of needing to be recapped. He had all his 135s recapped and he was fine. I had my 135s recapped. and all is good.

Thanks for your help.


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