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I am thinking of replacing my Naim Ovator S400 speakers with Revel Performa F208s. My Preamp is Nac282 powered by NAP 250.2. Is anybody else using the Revels in their setup? My source is NDS and Linn LP20  

i would appreciate any comments or feedback on these speakers?


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I have not heard a single Naim speaker, I have heard the 206s and 208s tho. Personally I'm not a big fan. I felt as if the bass is always present in an over cooked way. I love great bass but when the source material doesn't have strong bass, to present it in a way that's overdone, to me just doesn't sound right to, and that was the Revels. I own Dynaudio so my system can produce serious bass, and I've heard many speakers with the same songs many times - I look for texture and depth, again the Revels felt to me like there was one note bass and it never quit. YMMV. 

I'm the opposite to @Callas01. I own a pair of 206s and I think they're fantastic. An excellently balanced sound with a tight tuneful bass, magical midrange and sweet treble. They sound so much better now I have a 250DR powering them. I've never heard them with any 'over cooked' bass, not even with bad positioning. The 206s are known for their sweet midrange and I can vouch for that. I've not heard them but I'm sure the 208s would have them same 'sound', but the bigger boxes will produce bigger bass. Id bet they'd sing being fed by a 282/250 combo in the right size room. 

Are you thinking of the current 208s @newbie or the new 208be model? 

Hi Newbie, I've heard the 206's many many times, firstly paired with entry level naim boxes, then with a SN1, and again on the end of a 250dr CDx2,, on each listening occasion I have never heard an overcooked bass, quite the opposite. 

The 250dr, cdx2 combination is simply superb , just as Finkfan describes, I couldn't put it any better.

It's good to bear in mind speaker cables and interconnects are vastly important,  room size, speaker positioning  ect ect ..

The new model is the 208be with beryllium tweeter. Although it looks there same, It's a whole new speaker really. New drivers and crossovers. I got in touch with Revel to see if the new tweeter was an upgrade option for my current 206s, but sadly not. You'd have to change everything bar the enclosure. At the moment it is only the f208 and m106 models that will be updated. 

Finkfan posted:

Absolutely HH. My dealer is getting back to me with the price on a 282 and is taking my SN as part ex.

Excellent news on the 282, in which case the Ultra Blacks will be an excellent match....unless you want to go straight for the Black Diamonds?????  

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