Richie Havens "1983" album now on CD.

RN your post is worth at least one reply given this is a classic album, despite being mostly covers - full title 'Richard P. Havens, 1983' , released in 1969.

I have the Raven CD issue released a few years ago with a couple of bonus tracks.

Lucky to have seen Richie from a distance of a few feet when he appeared in Folkestone back in 1976, which for me at the time was light years away from his opening performance at Woodstock. I remember he wore a hole right the way through his acoustic guitar with his thumb nail and gave such a performance that his roadie had to carry him off stage. 

Classic album indeed!

I still have my vinyl copy, and the Raven CD. Saw him at IOW festival in 69, what a line up that was, Pentangle, RH, Tom Paxton (who went down incredibly well) The Band and Dylan. also caught Richie at The Royal Albert Hall in I think 1970 or thereabouts and finally a few  years before he passed at Milton Keynes, The Stables, excellent gig with a young Devon Sproule opening.

Time for a Richie revival methinks!



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