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Hi I seem to be having problems with my system go to play a CD with Naim 202/200 via Allae speakers and the right channel crackles whilst adjusting volume only when altering volume.  Once its set to the volume you want it works OK.
Don't want to renew the speakers as I have had them for 15 years now and hope they will see me out,  Don't listen to them as much as I did whilst in the UK bu nice when I need to here in in NZ other priorities!

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As above. Most likely candidate is a dirty pot. Muting and turning the knob backwards and forwards through its full range might wipe the track sufficiently to kill the crackle. I wipe my volume and balance pots about twice a month. I don't know if it helps but I don't get crackles.

Yes, as others suggest a crackle while adjusting the volume control, assuming it is a physical potentiometer, is a dirty track in it and definitely absolutely nothing to do with the speaker. Again as others suggest the irst thing is to move the knob rapidly a number of times alternately in each direction - or many times if a few makes no difference. If that doesn’t work then it probably requires sending back to the factory to fix, though unless the crackle very loud and risking overloading speakers, or particularly annoying, you can carry on as it is without it doing any harm, and just have it fixed at next routine service.

(An old trick used to be to squirt in some switch cleaner and try the rotating again, which might be something to investigate if you live somewhere where servicing may not be a realistic option - though i would anticipate that Naims pots are sealed and impossible anyway.)

Yes, Stuart, sounds like you were unlucky and had a proper fault. At least Naim replaced the pot as part of the service cost. These analog pots can be a little flakey as they rely on moving parts to do their job. Having said that, Naim use good quality pots in their Classic amps.

Sorry to hear that - the potentiometer track can deteriorate as well as simply become dirty, though perhaps rather rare in quality hifi kit. 

Did it improve at all?

Is it so irritatingbthat you can’t live with it? 

Do you live somewhere where it is not an option to return it to Naim or a Naim authorised agent for service/repair?

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