Rogue 1

Took the family to see it on Sunday afternoon. Great film which we all enjoyed, and as Jamie said, fits into the whole Star Wars story really well, but works well on it's on merit as well.

I wasn't convinced that Disney were the right people to keep the franchise going, but they seem to be doing well so far.

If you haven't seen it yet, go and you won't be disappointed.

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And how will they make a sequel when the main characters must have perished?

They made the sequel in 1977...

Indeed; a convenient way to ensure that any characters that perished in the movie could still make an appearance in the sequel

Sorry to be so out of touch but I thought this was desperately disjointed in many places and the dialogue appallingly clunky. My wife was exactly of the same mind.

Never really engaged with the characters. It has neither the slight sardonic wit of the Star Wars movies nor a genuine edge. The supposedly sarcastic robot was just dull, and whilst Felicity Jones was enthusiastic she was about as inspirational as a wet haddock. Lost count of the movie clichés after a while. I even thought one character dying in the rain was going to do the Blade Runner speech! Lord of the Rings pastiche visuals were somewhat distracting too. Self referencing Star Wars tropes is fine (oh yes it is red leader) but nakedly pinching everyone else's was a bit much. Oh, and by the way, the Master Switch is conveniently just over there, labelled 'Master Switch'. Honk!

It looked good and sounded good but, frankly, we were both a bit bored. It has to be said the same did not apply to the child aged 6 or 7 sat with his parents near us, who appeared terrified and left sobbing. Poor parenting. 



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