Roon and Uniticore

I'm sure all of us here would agree with you and wish you, your daughter and the rest of your family the very best for a good outcome. (I also have young family serious medical conditions in my personal experience, so this isn't a hollow comment. Music with or without Naim helps, but it isn't enough or anything like the most important thing.)



It’s well worth your daughter joining Crohn’s & Colitis UK if she isn’t a member. It’s really helpful and supportive and it can be reassuring to hear of and be able to contact others in the same boat. I’ve had Colitis for years, but nowhere near as bad as your daughter, and I know how hard it can be as an adult, let alone a child, who faces the other challenges of her age at the same time. She must be really brave, and I wish her well. 

David O'Higgins posted:

Can somebody advise the path name to add a Uniticore as a network share in Roon?

@David O'Higgins

Hi David,

Did you get a satisfcatory resolution to your question?

I have just finished building my Roon Optimised Core Kit - and needed to add my UnitiCore

I added a folder \\uniticore\123456\downloads and \\uniticore\123456\music - where 123456 is the UnitiCore's serial number.

Roon is now importing the tracks.


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