Roon on Naim media players

Halloween Man posted:

Decided in the end not to purchase roon, just too expensive. Best player I've tried but after extended listening I don't think the sound quality is any better than Audirvana. I don't really need all the extra magazine style info it brings to the party. Nice software, shame about the price.

Value obviously is a subjective opinion, I jumped straight to lifetime membership for less than the price of one powerline.

garyi posted:

If they would offer a monthly sub I would be interested. Its interesting that they don't perhaps they are worried people will only use it for a while?


 I seriously doubt it, although there is nowt as queer as folk but why would anyone stop using it?



Listening session at Kendrick's (Naim Forum Member) this week. Sonictransporter i5 server w/ Roon server/ Micro Rendu/Uptone Audio UltraCap PS. I brought my Chord 2Qute. Impressive in every way. SQ excellent, Roon experience unmatched at this point. Hope Naim can integrate classic streamers and enable streaming products to pass DSD 128 and up.

SOtM network player option 2 months Roon trial and 1 year Roon $60.

Wow, Roon is expensive! I already have Audirvana and it sounds awesome to me, and costs a fraction as much. None of the magazine stuff is all that interesting to me, so Roon will not be on my Christmas list. Honestly, if it cost a little more than than Audirvana then I might switch, but at that ridiculous price there's no chance.