Setting Up The Muso

I recently bought the Muso and am currently awaiting delivery of an Oppo UDP-203 and Samsung 55" QLED TV which is the model line with the near invisible cable.

This TV has a one connect box which you plug other devices into rather than directly to the TV.

I just wondered how best to connect everything to the Muso to get the best out of it and the Oppo.

Any suggestions / help greatly appreciated.

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For flexibility, you could connect the Oppo to the QLED  One Connect box via HDMI and then connect the One Connect box to the Mu-so via optical cable - this would allow any source connected to the One Connect to play through the Mu-so.

If however you want the best audio from the Oppo, I’d connect it directly to the Mu-so (via optical).

Also, remember that the Mu-so is stereo only, so whatever is connected to it needs to be set to PCM sound. 

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