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I am asked almost daily as to what music I listen to. Although my tastes vary and despite all the music that is on everyday however what I do like to look out for daily is a song/track that has particularly grabbed my attention. So, as this is a Bank holiday weekend a Chill out track to start with -

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James Brown-Escape-ism

Yesterday it was 'Follow me Home' - Dire Straits, I love the sound of the sea at the beginning followed by the drum beat and then Knopfler's guitar, then the sound of the sea again at the end of the track.




Yes, a lovely song to relax to. As it happens just bought the Communique album 2 months ago. Very under-rated and recording quality very good.

I've had a couple of all-day-long infatuations with a single track lately.  Played each one at least 5-6 times on the day in question.


Couple of days ago: Black Soul Choir by 16 Horsepower. 


Yesterday, it was E Lucevan Le Stelle sung by Pavarotti.


And today it's been what I call Crabcraft (actually called Heirloom) by Björk:


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